Gothic Glossary Made by Sean Crist.

(and copied to this address, not made by me!)


This glossary is from Joseph Wright's Grammar of the Gothic Language (1910), which has passed into the public domain.

Sean Crist scanned the glossary, did a lot of hand correction, hand-checked the whole thing, and did a fairly large number of automated checks to weed out as many errors as possible. Despite these checks, it's probable that there are still some mistakes which he didn't catch.

In a very few cases, I corrected minor punctuation errors which existed in the original. The following errors existed in the original but have been corrected here:

Since this text has passed into the public domain, you're free to do whatever you want with it. I would greatly encourage you to repost the glossary on other web pages since this will help it to stay available if one page goes under. I do ask, tho, that you acknowledge my effort in bringing this glossary online if you repost it or create derivative works (and it goes without saying that you should credit Wright). Please forward any corrections to me.

Unfortunately, not all of the necessary characters are available in the Latin Extended set:

The important point is that I haven't merged any character categories together; thus, it is trivial to switch the glossary to any encoding.

Most commonly occurring non-ASCII characters:

= a with acute accent
= i with acute accent
= u with acute accent
= lower case /th/ character (thorn)
= lower case /dh/ character (barred d)
= OE. a + e ligature
= Gothic hw character
% = OHG. z with tail
= a + macron (long sign)
= OE. a + e ligature + macron
= e + macron
= i + macron
= o + macron
= u + macron
= y + macron
= paragraph number sign

Correction history
16 June 1999: Changed the character coding from my own idiosyncratic encoding to the closest approximation of ISO-8859-1 I could manage. Corrected a few typos.
27 June 1999: Corrected 'month' to 'mouth'.
10 October 1999: Corrected afsus to arsus. Thanks to Justin Mansfield for pointing out this error.
12 October 1999: Corrected an to u within the entry for u. Also corrected waihts to wahts. Thanks to Justin Mansfield for pointing out these errors.
15 December 1999: Corrected af-hrapnan to af-apnan. Thanks to Giuseppe Pagliarulo for pointing out this error.
27 December 1999: Corrected aia-tundi to aa-tundi, air to ar, aireins to areins, airzjan to arzjan, aiz to iz. Thanks to Giuseppe Pagliarulo for pointing out these errors.
5 Oct 2000: Major overhaul which I've been poking at for several months. I wrote a Perl program to parse the raw text and mark it up with XML-style tags, and then made a great many hand corrections to the automated parsing. In the process, I corrected at least ten scanos from the original version.

Automated checks which were performed on the most recent round (partial list):


aba, wm. man, husband, 206, 208 note, 353. O.Icel. afe.
abraba, av. strongly, excessively, very, very much.
abrs, aj. strong, violent, great, mighty. O.Icel. afar.
af, prep. c. dat. of, from, by, away from, out of, 88, 350. OE. f, of, OHG. aba, ab.
af-aikan, sv. VII, to deny, to deny vehemently, 313, 402
af-airzjan, wv. I, to deceive, lead astray; see airzeis, airzjan.
afar, prep. c. acc. and dat., av. after, according to, 350 OHG. avar, afar.
afardags, sm. the next day, 356
afargaggan, sv. VII, to follow, go after, 313 note 1, 403.
afar-listjan, wv. I, to follow after, follow, 403
afar-sabbatus, sm. the day after the Sabbath; is dagis afar-sabbata, on the first day of the week, 356
afaruh = afar + uh.
af-dubnan, wv. IV, to become deaf, 331


af-dujan, wv. I, to kill, put to death; pass. to die, 402.
af-dbnan, wv. IV, to be silent.
*af-djan, wv. I, to fatigue, 80, 319 note.
af-drusjan, wv. I, to cast down.
af-drugkja, wm. drunkard, 355.
af-dumbnan, wv. IV, to hold one's peace, be silent or still, 331
af-tja, wm. glutton, 355.
af-gaggan, sv. VII, to go away, depart, go to, come, 313 note 1.
af-gudei, wf. ungodliness, 355.
af-gus, aj. godless, impious, 355, 391. Cp. OHG. abgot, abgudi, idol, false god.
af-hlaan, sv. VI, to lade, load, 310 OE. OHG. hladan.
af-apjan, wv. I, to choke, quench.
af-apnan, wv. IV, to be choked, be quenched.
af-lageins, sf. a laying aside, remission, 355
af-leitan = af-ltan, see 5.
af-leian, sv. I, to go away, depart. OE. lan. OHG. ldan


af-ltan, sv. VII, to dismiss, leave, forsake, put away, let alone, forgive, absolve, 402.
af-lts, sm. forgiveness, remission, 355.
af-lifnan, wv. IV, to remain, be left.
af-linnan, sv. III, to depart, 304 OE. linnan, OHG. bi-linnan.
af-maitan, sv. VII, to cut off, 402.
af-marzeins, sf. deceitfulness.
*af-mjan, wv. I, to fatigue, 319 note. OHG. muoen, muoan.
af-niman, sv. IV, to take away.
af-qian, sv. V, to renounce, forsake.
af-sateins, sf. divorcement.
af-satjan, wv. I, to divorce.
af-skiuban, sv. II, to push aside, 186 note 2, 302. OE. scfan, OHG. skioban.
af-slahan, sv. VI, to kill, slay, 402.
af-slunan, wv. IV, to be amazed, be beside oneself.
af-sneian, sv. I, to cut off, kill.
af-standan, sv. VI, to stand off, depart
af-stass, sf. a standing off, falling off or away, 355.
af-swarban, sv. III, to wipe out, 304. OE. sweorfan, OHG. swerban.
afta, av. behind, backwards, 348.
aftana, av. from behind, 348 OE. ftan.
aftar, av. from behind, behind, 344.
af-tarnan, wv. IV, to be torn away, 331.
af-tiuhan, sv. II, to draw away, push off; to take, draw aside, 402.


aftra, av. back, backwards, again, once more; aftra gabtjan, to restore; aftra gasatjan, to heal. OE. fter, OHG. after.
aftuma, aj. the following, posterus, next, hindmost, last, 246, 430.
aftumists, aj. last, aftermost, 246; aftumists haban, to be at the point of death. OE. ftemest.
af-warpan, sv. III, to cast away, put away, 428.
af-walwjan, wv. I, to roll away. OE. wielwan.
af-wandjan, wv. I, to turn away.
-aga-, suffix, 392.
aggilus, sm. angel, messenger; the pl. fluctuates between the i- and u-declension, as nom. pl. aggileis and aggiljus, 17. OE. engel, OHG. engil, angil, from Gr. α&breathless;&accent;γγελο&finalsigma; through Lat. angelus.
aggwia, sf. anguish, distress, tribulation, 384
aggwus, aj. narrow, 17, 132, 236. OE. enge, OHG. engi.
agis (gen. agisis), sn. fright, fear, terror, 168, 182. OE. ege, OHG. eg.
aglitei, wf. lasciviousness, unchastity, 212. OHG. aga-leizi, zeal.
agliti-wardei, wf. indecent language, 389.
aglia, sf. anguish, distress, 384.
agl, wf. anguish, affliction, tribulation
agluba, av. hardly, with difficulty, 344.
aglus, aj. hard, difficult, 428. Cp. OE. egle, troublesome.
aha, wm. mind, understanding 208.


-aha-, suffix, 393.
ahaks, sf. (?) dove, pigeon.
ahana, sf. chaff. OE. egenu, OHG. agana.
ahma, wm. spirit, the Holy Ghost, 208, 223.
ahmateins, sf. inspiration.
ahs, sn. ear of corn, 353. OE. ar, OHG. ahir, ehir.
ahtu, num. eight, 4, 11, 39, 65, 90, 91, 121, 128, 147. OE. eahta, OHG. ahto.
ahtu-dgs, aj. eight days old, 122. Cp. OE. dgor, day
ahtuthund, num. eighty, 247.
ahtuda, num. eighth, 253.
aa, sf. river, water, 19, 36, 143, 192. OE. a, OHG. aha.
igin, sn. property, inheritance, goods, 425 OHG. eigan.
igum, we have, 339.
ih, pret.-pres. I have, 137, 339 OE. g later h.
ihan, pret.-pres. to have, possess, 339, 426 OE. gan, OHG. eigan.
ihtrn, wv. II, to beg for, pray, desire, 325.
ihts, sf. property, 199, 254 OHG. ht.
aa-tundi, sf. thornbush, lit. horse tooth, 389 Cp. OE. eoh, horse, and Goth. tunus, tooth.
ina-bar, sm. only-born, 389.
inaha, w. aj. only, 393.
in-falei, wf. simplicity, goodness of disposition, 389.
infals, num. onefold, simple, single, 257, 397 OE. nfeald, OHG. einfalt.
in-arjiz-uh, indef. pr. everyone, each, 275 note 2.
-ini-, suffix, 388.
*inlif, num. eleven, 247, 252. OHG. einlif.


ins, num. one, alone, only; indef. pr. one, a certain one; ins ... jah ins, the one ... and the other, 10, 49, 83, 89, 247, 249, 258, 390. OE. n, OHG. ein.
ins-hun, indef. pr. with the neg. particle ni, no one, no, none, 87 (1), 89, 278.
ir, av. (comp. iris), soon, early, 347. OE. ;r, OHG. r.
irinn, wv. II, to be a messenger, 325
iris, av. earlier, 345.
ara, sf. earth, land, region, 10, 97, 171, 192. OE. eora, OHG. erda.
ara-kunds, aj. earthy, born of the earth, 397.
areins, aj. earthly, 227, 395
irus, sm. messenger, 203. O.Icel. rr, OE. r.
arzeis, aj. astray, erring; arzeis wisan or waran, to go astray, err, be deceived, 231 OE. eorre, ierre, angry, OHG. irri.
arzjan, wv. I, to deceive, lead astray. OHG. irren, cp. OE. iersian, to be angry.
istan, wv. III, to reverence, 328 Cp. OE. r, OHG. ra, from *aiz, honour.
iei, wf. mother, 6, 212. OHG. eid, MHG. eide.
is, sm. oath, 10, 171, 180, 353. OE. , OHG. eid.
au, cj. or, else; au jah, truly, 10, 66 note, 256, 351 OE. ea, OHG. eddo.
aiwagglista, wm. evangelist, Gr. ευ&breathless;αγγελιστη&finalsigma; through Lat. euangelista.
awaggljan, wv. I, to preach the gospel.
awagglj, wf. gospel, Gr. ευ&breathless;αγγελιν.


iweins, aj. eternal, everlasting, 227, 395
iws, sm. time, lifetime, age, world, eternity; ni iw (347), never; in iwins, du iwa, for ever. OE. ;, ;w, OHG. ewa.
iz, sn. brass, coin, money, 47. OE. r, OHG. r.
iza-smia, wm. coppersmith, 389.
ak, cj. but, however (after negative clauses), 351 OE. ac, OHG. oh.
akei, cj. but, yet, still, nevertheless, 351.
akeit (akt), ?sn. or akeits, ?sm. vinegar. OE. eced, OHG. e%%ih, from Lat. actum.
akran, sn. fruit, 182; akran baran, to bear fruit. OE. cern, acorn.
akrana-lus, aj. unfruitful, barren, 34, 397
akrs, sm. field, 4, 21, 25, 36, 88, 91, 129, 159, 162, 175, 180, 354. OE. cer, OHG. ackar.
ajukds, sf. time, eternity, 382
ala-brunsts, sf. burnt-offering, holocaust. OHG. brunst.
alakj, av. together, collectively
alan, sv. VI, to grow, 310. OE. alan, Lat. alere, to nourish.
ala-arba, w. aj. very needy, very poor.
alds, sf. age, life, generation, OE. ieldu, OHG. alt, elt
aleina, sf. ell, cubit, OE. eln, OHG. elina.
alw, sn. olive oil.
alws, aj. of olives; fairguni alwj, Mount of Olives.
alhs, sf. temple, 221. OE. ealh, OHG. alah.


alja, cj. than, except, unless, save; prep. c. dat, except, 350.
alja-kuns, aj. foreign, strange, 398.
alja-leiks, av. otherwise, 345.
aljan, wv. I, to bring up, rear, fatten.
aljar, av. elsewhere, 348. OE. ellor.
alja, av. elsewhere, in another direction, 348; afleian alja, to go away.
aljar, av. from elsewhere, from all sides, from every quarter, 348.
aljis, aj. other, another, 36, 229. OE. elles (gen.) else; ele-lande, OHG. eli-lenti, foreign.
allis, av. in general, wholly, at all, 346; ni allis, not at all; cj. for, because, 351; nih allis, for neither, for not; allis ... i, indeed ... but. OE. ealles, OHG. alles.
alls, aj. all, every, much, 227, 390, 427, 430 OE. eall, OHG. al.
all-waldands, sm. the Almighty, 34, 218, 389.
*alan, sv. VII, see us-alan.
aleis (comp. aliza), aj. old, 175, 231, 243. OE. eald, OHG. ald, alt.
amn, av. verily, truly, from Hebrew through Gr. α&breathless;μεν.
ams, ?sm. or amsa, ?wm. shoulder.
an, interrog. particle, then, 349. Gr. α&breathless;&accent;ν.
ana, prep. c. acc. and dat, in, on, upon, at, over, to, into, against, 350; av. on, upon. OE. on, OHG. ana.
ana-ukan, sv. VII, to add to, 404.
ana-biudan, sv. II, to bid, command, order, 51, 122, 127, 138, 173, 286 notes 2, 3, 301, 404. OE. bodan, OHG. biotan.


ana-bu&shortorlong;sns, sf. command, commandment, order, 121, 138, 199, 357.
ana-filh, sn. a thing committed, tradition, recommendation, 357.
ana-filhan, sv. III, to commit to, entrust, let out, hand down as tradition.
ana-fulhan, pp. n. of ana-filhan, used as a noun, tradition; ata ana-fulhan izwar, τη`ν παραδοσιν υ&breathy;μω^ν.
ana-haban, wv. III, to take hold of; in pass. (Luke iv. 38), to be taken (with fever).
ana-hitan, sv. VII, to call on, 404, 428.
ana-hniwjan, wv. I, to lay, lay down.
ana-hneiwan, sv. I, to stoop down, 404.
anaks, av. straightway, at once, suddenly.
ana-kumbjan, wv. I, to lie or sit down, sit at table, recline. Lat. ac-cumbere.
ana-lageins, sf. a laying on, 357.
ana-lagjan, wv. I, to lay on, 404.
ana-lugniba, av. secretly, 344.
ana-lugns, aj. hidden, secret, 234.
ana-leik, av. in like manner, 344 MHG. ane-lche.
ana-mahtjan, wv. I, to do violence, injure, damage, revile.
ana-mljan, wv. I, to enroll.
ana-minds, sf. supposition, 357.
*anan, sv. VI, see us-anan.
ana-nanjan, wv. I, to dare, have courage, be bold. OE. nan, OHG. nenden.


ana-niujan, wv. I, to renew, 319.
ana-praggan, sv. VII, to oppress, 313 note 1.
ana-qiman, sv. IV, to come near, approach.
ana-qiss, sf. blasphemy, 357.
ana-qiujan, wv. I, to arouse, make alive.
ana-silan, wv. III, to be silent, be quiet, grow still, 328 Lat. silre.
ana-siuns, aj. visible, 234, 357, 391. Cp. OE. an-sen, face.
ana-stdeins, sf. beginning, 357.
ana-stdjan, wv. I, to begin, 404.
ana-trimpan, sv. III, to tread on, 304.
ana-rafstjan, wv. I, to comfort.
ana-wars, aj. future, 357. OHG. -wert, related to waran
and, prep. c. acc. along, throughout, towards, in, on, among, 350 OE. and-, ond-, OHG. ant-
-and-, suffix, 339.
anda-bahts, sf. ransom, 358.
anda-hafts, sf. answer, 33, 199, 358.
anda-lus, aj. endless, 397.
anda-nahti, sn. evening, 358.
anda-neis, aj. contrary, hostile, 428.
anda-nms, aj. pleasant, acceptable, 33, 234, 358, 391, 394.
anda-stajis, sm. adversary, 185, 358.
anda-hts, aj. circumspect, 321 note 1, 358.
and-ugi, sn. face, 358.
and-ugj, av. openly, 344.
anda-wardi, sn. answer, 358. OE. and-wyrde, OHG. ant-wurti.


andbahti, sn. service, ministry, 183, 187.
and-bahtjan, wv. I, to serve, minister, 320.
and-bahts, sm. servant, 358. OE. ambiht, ambeht, OHG. ambaht.
and-beitan, sv. I, to blame, reproach, threaten, charge.
and-bindan, sv. III, to loose, unbind, explain, 330, 405.
and-bundnan, wv. IV, to become unbound, be loosened, 330, 331.
andeis, sm. end, 185. OE. ende, OHG. enti.
and-hafjan, sv. VI, to answer, 33, 405, 428
and-hitan, sv. VII, to call to one, profess, confess, acknowledge, give thanks to.
and-husjan, wv. I, to listen to, obey, hear.
and-huleins, sf. uncovering, revelation, illumination, 358.
and-huljan, wv. I, to disclose, open, uncover, reveal, 405.
andi-lus, aj. endless, 397. OE. ende-las.
andiz-uh ... aiu, either ... or, 351.
and-niman, sv. IV, to receive. take, 33, 405.
and-rinnan, sv. III, to compete in running, strive, dispute.
and-sakan, sv. VI, to dispute, strive against. 405.
and-standan, sv. VI, to withstand, 405.
and-starran, wv. III, to murmur against. 328
and-wari, sn. presence, face, person, 358; in and-warja, before, in the presence of.
and-wars, aj. present. OHG. ant-wert.


andwasjan, wv. I, to unclothe, take off clothes.
and-wardjan, wv. I, answer. OE. and-wyrdan, OHG. ant-wurten.
ann, wf. wages. Cp. Lat. annna, provisions, supplies.
ansteigs, aj. gracious, favourable, 394, 428.
ansts, sf. favour, grace, 90, 112, 120, 122, 198. OE. st, OHG. anst.
anar, aj. other, second, 158, 175, 253, 254, 258, 430; plural, the others, the rest; anar ... anar, the one ... the other. OE. er, OHG. andar.
apastalus, apalstulus, sm. apostle; pl. nom. -eis, gen. -, acc. -uns and -ans. Gr. α&breathless;ποστολο&finalsigma;.
aqizi, sf. axe. OE. x, OHG. ackus, akis.
arbidjan, wv. I, to work, toil, suffer. OHG. arbeiten.
arbis, sf. work, toil, labour, 199. OE. earfo, OHG. arbeit.
arbi, sn. heritage, inheritance, 6, 14, 161, 187. OE. ierfe, OHG. erbi, arbi.
arbi-numja, wm. heir, 208, 389. OE. ierfe-numa, OHG. erbi-nomo.
arbja, wm. heir, 208; arbja wairan, to inherit.
arbj, wf. heiress, 211.
-arja-, suffix, 380
arjan, wv. I, to plough. 318 OE. erian, OHG. erien.
arka, sf. money-box, chest. OE. earc, OHG. arca, from Lat. arca.
arma-hairtei, wf. mercy, 389.
arma-hairtia, sf. pity, mercy, charity, alms.
arma-hairts, aj. merciful, 398. OE. earm-heort, OHG. arm-herz.


armai, wf. mercy, pity, alms, 10.
arman, wv. III, to pity, have pity on, 328. OHG. armn, to be poor.
arms, sm. arm, 197. OE. earm, OHG. arm.
arms, aj. poor, 227, 244 OE. earm, OHG. arm.
arniba, av. surely, safely.
armata, pl. sweet spices. Gr. α&breathless;ρωματα.
arwj, av. in vain, without a cause. Cp. OHG. arwn.
asans, sf. harvest, summer, 199. OHG. arn.
asilu-qarnus, sf. a mill-stone, lit. ass-mill, 389. OE. esol-cweorn.
asilus, sm. ass, 203. OE. esol, OHG. esil.
asilus, sf. she-ass, 203.
asneis, sm. servant, hireling, hired servant, 185. OE. esne, OHG. asni, esni.
-assu-, suffix, 381.
asts, sm. branch, bough, twig, 126 note 1, 141, 180. OHG. ast.
at, prep. c. acc. and dat. at, by, to, with, of, 27, 170, 350. OE. t, OHG. a%.
at-ani, sn. year, 359.
at-ugjan, wv. I, to show, appear; pass. to appear, 406.
at-baran, sv. IV, to bring, take, carry, offer.
at-gaggan, sv. VII, to go, go up to, come to, enter, come down, descend, 313 note 1.
at-giban, sv. V, to give up, give up to, give away, deliver up, put in prison, 406.
at-haban, wv. III, with sik, to come towards.
at-hafjan, sv. VI, to take down, 406.


at-hitan, sv. VII, to call to one.
atisk, sn. corn, cornfield. OHG. e%%isc.
at-ist, is at hand, 342.
-atjan, suffix, 424.
at-lagjan, wv. I, to lay, lay on, put on clothes, 34, 406.
at-njan, wv. I, refl. to draw near, be at hand.
at-saian, sv. V, to take heed, observe, look to, 406.
at-satjan, wv. I, to present, offer.
at-standan, sv. VI, to stand near.
at-steigan, sv. I, to descend, come down.
atta, wm. father, forefather, 31, 208. OHG. atto, Lat. atta, Gr. α&breathless;&accent;ττα.
at-tkan, sv. VII, to touch, 406, 428.
at-tiuhan, sv. II, to pull towards, bring.
at-insan, sv. III, to attract, 304. OHG. dinsan.
at-warpan, sv. III, to cast, cast down, 406.
at-walwjan, wv. I, to roll to.
at-wisan, sv. V, to be at hand.
at-witins, sf. observation, 359.
at-wpjan, wv. I, to call, 406.
aan, cj. but, however, still, yet 351.
udagei, wf. blessedness, 212, 383.
udags, aj. blessed, 33, 227, 392. OE. adig, OHG. tag.
uft (aft?), av. perhaps, indeed, to be sure, 344.
uga-dar, wn. window, 214, 389. OE. ag-duru, OHG. ouga-tora.
ugjan, wv. I, to show, 320. OHG. ougen.
ug, wn. eye, 11, 17, 84, 104, 168, 214 OE. age, OHG. ouga.


ahjdus, sm. tumult, 385.
ahjn, wv. II, to make a noise, cry aloud.
*ahns, sm. oven. OE. ofen, OHG. ofan.
ahsa, wm. ox, 11, 32, 122, 125, 174, 206, 208 note. OE. oxa, OHG. ohso.
ahuma, aj. higher, high, 246.
ahumists (ahmists), aj. highest, chief, 246. OE. mest.
uk, cj. for, because, but, also, 351; uk rahtis, for. OE. ac, OHG. ouh.
ukan, sv. VII, to add, increase, 10, 50, 104, 129, 162, 312 note, 313. OE. acian, OHG. ouhhn.
arahi, sf. or arahj ?wf. tomb, grave.
airkeis, sm. jug, cup. OE. orc, Lat. urceus.
us, wn. ear, 11, 50, 136, 137, 214 OE. are, OHG. ra.
uida, sf. wilderness, desert, 384.
as, aj. desert, waste, 234. OHG. di.
awiliudn, wv. II, to thank, give thanks, 325.
awistr, sn. sheepfold, 182. OE. eowestre.
aw, wf. grandmother. Cp. Lat. ava.
azts, aj. easy, 428.
azg, wf. cinder, ash, 167, 175, 211. OE. asce, sce, OHG. asca.
azymus, sm. unleavened bread, gen. pl. azym Gr. τω&circumflex;ν α&breathless;ζυ&long;μων.
-ba, av. suffix, 344.
badi, sn. bed, 15, 161, 187 OE. bedd, OHG. betti.


bagms, sm. tree, 22, 159, 168, 180, 351. OE. bam, OHG. boum.
bi (acc. bans, dat. bim, nom. acc. neut. ba), num. both. OE. masc. b.
baran, sv. IV, to bear, carry, bring forth, 10, 14, 25, 39 note, 67, 69, 71, 75, 87-9, 90 note, 97, 114, 122, 124, 132, 136, 144, 161, 291, 305. OE. OHG. beran.
bargahei, wf. hill-country, 393. A deriv. of *bairgs, OE. beorg, OHG. berg, hill, mountain.
bargan, sv. IV, to hide, keep, preserve, protect, 167, 304, 428 OE. beorgan, OHG. bergan.
barhtaba, av. brightly, clearly, 344.
barhtei, wf. brightness, 212; in barhtein, openly.
barhtjan, wv. I, to reveal. OE. bierhtan, to shine.
barhts, aj. bright, manifest, 227, 390. OE. beorht, OHG. berht, beraht.
bitrei, wf. bitterness, 212, 383.
bitrs, aj. bitter, 227. OE. biter, bitter, OHG. bittar.
bajs, num. both, 255. OHG. bde, beide.
balgs, sm. leather bag, wine-skin, bottle, 197. OE. belg, OHG. balg.
bals-agga, see hals-agga.
balsan, sn. balsam. OHG. balsamo, from Gr. βαλσαμον through Lat. balsamum.
balei, wf. boldness, 212. OHG. bald.
balwjan, wv. I, to torment, plague, 428.
bandi, sf. band, bond, 6, 87, 115, 122, 193, 354. OE. bend, OHG. bant.


bandja, wm. prisoner, 208, 354.
bandwa, sf. sign, token, 192.
bandw, wf. sign, token.
bandwjan, wv. I, to give a sign, signify. O.Icel. benda.
bansts (acc. pl. banstins), sm. barn.
barizeins, aj. of barley, 395. From *baris, OE. bere, barley.
barms, sm. bosom, lap, 197. OE. bearm, OHG. barm.
barn, sn. child, 14, 25, 122, 158, 161, 182, 354; barna ussatjan, to beget children to. OE. bearn, OHG. barn.
*barnahs, aj. see un-barnahs.
barnil, wn. little child, son, 33, 214, 354.
barniski, sn. childhood, 354.
barnisks, aj. childish, 227, 396. O.Icel. bernskr.
batists, aj. best, 107, 245. OE. bet(e)st, OHG. be%%isto.
batiza, aj. better, 122, 245. OE. bet(e)ra, bettra, OHG. be%%iro.
bauins, sf. dwelling, dwelling-place, abode, 200.
bauan, wv. III, to dwell, inhabit, 11, 80, 101, 200, 328 and note 1. OE. OHG. ban.
bahta, wv. I bought, 321. OE. bohte.
bar, sm. son, child, 122, 175, 196 note 1, 354. OE. byre.
*bard, sn. board, see ftu-bard.
bargja, wm. citizen, 208, 354.
bargs, f. city, town, 87, 158, 169, 220, 353. OE. OHG. burg.
bargs-waddjus, sf. town-wall, 389.
*bars, sf. see ga-bars.
bus, aj. deaf, dumb; bus wairan, to become insipid.
beidan, sv. I, c. gen. to await, expect, look for, 49, 173, 299. OE. bdan, OHG. btan.


beist, sn. leaven.
beitan, sv. I, to bite, 6, 48, 68, 93, 132, 300. OE. btan, OHG. b%an.
brusjs, sm. pl. parents, 5, 33, 122, 354.
bi, prep. c. acc. and dat. by, about, concerning, around, against, according to, on account of, for, at, after, near, 350. OE. b, be-, OHG. b, bi-.
bi-ukan, sv. VII, to increase, add to, 407.
bi-uknan, wv. IV, to become larger, 331.
bida, sf. request, prayer, 192, 354. OHG. beta.
bidjan, sv. V, to ask, beg, entreat, pray, 68, 173, 286 note 2, 306 and note. OE. biddan, OHG. bitten.
bi-fah, wf. covetousness, 360.
bi-gitan, sv. V, to find, meet with, 286 note 3, 308, 407, 426. OE. be-gietan, OHG. bi-ge%%an.
bi-hit, sn. strife, 360. OHG. bi-hei%.
bi-hitja, wm. boaster.
bi-hlahjan, sv. VI, to deride, laugh to scorn.
bi-likan, sv. VII, to mock.
bi-leiban, sv. I, to remain, 161, 300, 407. OE. be-lfan, OHG. bi-lban.
bi-leian, sv. I, to leave, leave behind, forsake.
bi-mit, sn. circumcision, 360.
bi-mitan, sv. VII, to circumcise.
bi-nah, pret.-pres. it is permitted, is lawful, 336. OE. be-neah, OHG. gi-nah, it suffices.
bi-nahts, pp. sufficient. 336.


bindan, sv. III, to hind, 6, 8, 15, 60, 65, 72, 91, 93, 95, 122, 124, 127, 132, 161, 172, 303. OE. bindan, OHG. bintan.
bi-rubn, wv. II, to rob, strip, despoil. OE. be-rafian, OHG. bi-roubn.
bi-rinnan, sv. III, to run about, 407.
bi-rdjan, wv. I, to murmur.
bi-saian, sv. V, to see, look, look round on.
bi-satjan, wv. I, to beset, set round anything.
bi-sitan, sv. V, to sit about, sit near, 407.
bi-sitands, m. neighbour, 218, 360, 379.
bi-skeinan, sv. I, to shine round.
bi-speiwan, sv. I, to spit upon.
bi-stugq, sn. a stumbling, 407.
bi-sunjan, av. round about, near.
bi-swarban, sv. III, to wipe, dry.
bi-swaran, sv. VI, to swear, adjure, conjure, 407.
bi-tiuhan, sv. II, to go about, visit.
bi-, cj. whilst, when, after that, as soon as; av. after, then, afterward, thereupon, 265 note 1, 266 note 3, 351.
bi-h, av. after that, then, afterward, 260 note 3.
*biudan, sv. II, to offer, bid, order, 15, 40, 52, 70, 72, 95, 138. OE. bodan, OHG. biotan. See ana-biudan.
biugan, sv. II, to bend, 124, 168, 302. OHG. biogan.
bi-hti, sn. custom.
bi-hts, aj. accustomed, wont.
bius, sm. or biu, sn. table. OE. bod, OHG. biot.
bi-wibjan, wv. I, to wind about, encompass, clothe. OE. wfian, OHG. weibn, to hesitate; OHG. zi-weiben, to divide.


bi-wandjan, wv. I, to shun.
bi-windan, sv. III, to wrap round, enwrap, swathe. OE. be-windan, OHG. bi-wintan.
bi-wisan, sv. V, to make merry.
blandan, sv. VII, to mix, 313 note 1. OE. blandan, OHG. blantan.
blujan, wv. I, to make void, abolish, abrogate. Cp. OE. bla, OHG. bldi, timid.
bleiei, wf. mercy, 212, 383.
bleis, aj. merciful, kind. OE. ble, OHG. bldi, glad.
*blssan, sv. VII, see uf-blsan.
bliggwan, sv. III, to beat, strike, scourge, 17, 151, 304. OHG. bliuwan.
blinda, wm. blind man, 223.
blinds, aj. blind, 14, 33, 89, 106, 111, 114, 120, 175, 223, 226, 237, 390. OE. blind, OHG. blint.
blma, wm. flower, 45, 208. OE. blma, OHG. bluomo.
bltan, sv. VII, to worship, reverence, honour, 138, 313 note 4. OE. bltan, OHG. bluo%an, to sacrifice.
bltinassus, sm. service, worship, 381.
bl, sn. blood, 182. OE. bld, OHG. bluot.
bnauan, sv. VII, to rub, 80, 328 note 4. OHG. nan.
bka, sf. sing. a letter of the alphabet; pl. epistle, book, the Scriptures, 42, 192; bks afsateinis, a bill of divorcement. OE. bc, OHG. buoh.
bkareis, sm. scribe, 185, 354, 380. OE. bcere, OHG. buoh-hri.


bta, sf. advantage, 122, 192. OE. bt, OHG. buo%a, remedy, atonement.
btjan, wv. I, to do good, avail, help, profit. OE. btan, OHG. buo%en.
brhta, pret. I brought, 321. OE. brhte, OHG. brhta.
bridei, wf. breadth, 354, 383.
*bris (brids), aj. broad. OE. brd, OHG. breit.
brakja, sf. strife, 192.
*brannjan, wv. I, see ga-brannjan.
briggan, wv. I, to bring, lead, 4, 17, 74, 96, 138, 158, 166, 321 and note 3, 340, 426; wundan briggan, to wound. OE. OHG. bringan.
brikan, sv. IV, to break, quarrel, fight, 21, 306. OE. brecan, OHG. brehhan.
brinnan, sv. III, to burn, 304. OHG. brinnan.
brinn, wf. fever, 211.
brar, m. brother, 7, 28, 33, 42, 79, 87, 88, 100, 106, 108, 122, 128, 132, 161, 171, 175, 215, 354. OE. bror, OHG. bruoder.
brrahans, m. pl. brethren, 393.
brru-lub, brra-lub, wf. brotherly love, 389.
*bruka, sf. see ga-bruka.
brkjan, wv. I, to use, partake of, 321, 427. OE. brcan, sv., OHG. brhhan.
brks, aj. useful, 234, OE. brce, OHG. brhhi.
brunj, wf. breastplate, 211. OE. byrne, OHG. brunia.
brunna, wm. well, spring, fountain, issue, 208. OE. burn(n)a, brunna, OHG. brunno.
brusts, f. breast, 221. OHG. brust.


br-fas, sm. bridegroom, 34, 197, 389.
brs, sf. bride, daughter-in-law, 8, 28. OE. brd, OHG. brt.
bugjan, wv. I, to buy, 17, 138, 283, 321, 340. OE. bycgan.
*daban, sv. VI, see ga-daban.
daddjan, wv. I, to suckle, give suck, 156.
dags, sm. day, 4, 15, 17, 33, 65, 87-9, 106-7, 111, 114, 117, 122, 132, 169, 172, 175, 179, 353; dagis ammh or izuh, day by day, 347, 427; himma daga, to-day, 267. OE. dg, OHG. tag.
diljan, wv. I, to deal out, divide, share, 320, 322, 400. OE. d;lan, OHG. teilen.
dils, sf. portion, share, 199, 322. OE. dl, OHG. teil.
daimnareis, sm. one possessed with a devil. From Gr. δαιμων with Goth. ending -areis, 380.
dal, sn. dale, valley, ditch; dal uf msa, a ditch or hole for the wine-vat. OE. dl, OHG. tal.
dala, av. down, 348; und dala, to the bottom; dalaa, below, 348; dalar, from below, 33, 348.
dubia, sf. deafness, hardness, obduracy, 33, 384.
dufs, aj. deaf, dull, hardened. OE. daf, OHG. toub.
dug, pret.-pres. it is good for, profits, 334. OE. dag, OHG. toug.
dahtar, f. daughter, 11, 71, 94, 132, 164, 172, 216, 354. OE. dohtor, OHG. tohter.
dahts, sf. feast.
duns, sf. smell, odour, savour, Cp. OHG. toum.


dupeins, sf. baptism, washing, 153 and note, 200.
dupjan, wv. I, to baptize, wash oneself, 200, 320. OE. *depan, OHG. toufen.
dupjands, m. baptizer, 218.
dar, sn. door, 25, 158, 182. OE. dor, OHG. tor.
dara-wards, sm. door-keeper, porter, 389. OE. weard, OHG. -wart.
dar, wf. door.
*darsan, pret.-pres. to dare, 335. See ga-darsan.
dueins, sf. the peril of death.
dujan, wv. I, to put to death. OE. dedan.
*dunan, wv. IV, see ga-dunan.
dus, aj. dead, 390. OE. dad, OHG. tt.
duus, sm. death, 11, 15, 84, 203. OE. da, OHG. td.
deigan, sv. I, to knead, form of earth, 300.
*ds, sf. deed, 172, 199. OE. d;d, OHG. tt. See ga-ds.
diabalus, diabulus, sm. devil. OE. dofol, OHG. tiufal, from Gr. διαβολο&finalsigma; through Lat. diabolus.
digans, pp. made of earth.
dis-diljan, wv. I, to share, divide, 408.
dis-hniupan, sv. II, to break asunder, 302. Cp. OE. -hnepan, to pluck.
dis-sitan, sv. V, to settle upon, seize upon, 408.
dis-skreitan, sv. I, to rend, tear, 300.
dis-skritnan, wv. IV, to become torn, be rent apart, 175 note 3, 331.
dis-taheins, sf. dispersion, 361.
dis-tahjan, wv. I, destroy, 408.


dis-taran, sv. IV, to tear to pieces, 408.
dis-wilwan, sv. III, to plunder, 408.
dis-wiss, sf. dissolution, 361.
diupei, wf. depth, 212, 383. OE. depe, OHG. tiuf.
diupia, sf. depth, 384.
diups, aj. deep, 23, 86, 105, 129, 160, 172, 227, 390. OE. dop, OHG. tiof.
dius (gen. diuzis), sn. wild beast, 175, 182. OE. dor, OHG. tier.
diwan, sv. V, to die, 308, 436; ata diwan, that which is mortal, mortality.
dmjan, wv. I, to judge, 320. OE. dman, OHG. tuomen.
dms, sm. judgment, knowledge, opinion, 45, 122. OE. dm, OHG. tuom.
*draban, sv. VI, see ga-draban.
dragan, sv. VI, to carry, drag, 15. OE. dragan, OHG. tragan.
dragk, sn. a drink, 354. OHG. tranc.
dragkjan, wv. I, to give to drink, 320. OE. drencan, OHG. trenken.
dribjan, wv. I, to drive, trouble, vex, 320. OE. dr;fan, OHG. treiben.
drakma, wm. drachma. From Gr. δραχμη through Lat. drachma. See note to Luke xv. 8, 9.
drahsna, sf. crumb, fragment.
draihtinassus, sm. warfare, 381.
drahtinn, wv. II, to war, 425.
dreiban, sv. I, to drive, 300. OE. drfan, OHG. trban.
drigkan, sv. III, to drink, 17, 158, 304, 436. OE. drincan, OHG. trinkan.


driugan, sv. II, to serve as soldier, 302. OE. drogan.
driusan, sv. II, to fall, fall down, fall upon, press against, crowd upon, 9, 172. OE. drosan.
drius, wf. slope, 211.
drbjan, wv. I, to cause trouble, stir up, excite to uproar. OE. drfan, OHG. truoben.
drbnan, wv. IV, to become anxious, troubled.
drugkanei, wf. drunkenness, 212, 354.
drus, sm. fall, 175, 196 note 1, 354. OE. dryre.
du, prep. c. dat. to, towards, against, in, 350; du-margina, to-morrow, 347; du amma ei, to the end that, because.
du-at-gaggan, sv. VII, to go to, come to, 409.
du-at-rinnan, sv. III, to run to.
du-at-sniwan, sv. V, to hasten towards, 5.
*dugan, pret.-pres. to be good for, profit, 334. OE. dugan, OHG. tugan.
du-ga-windan, sv. III, to entangle.
du-ginnan, sv. III, to begin, undertake, 34, 304, 409, 430. OE. be-ginnan, OHG. bi-ginnan.
du-, av. why, wherefore.
duls, sf. feast, 221 and note. OHG. tuld.
*dumbnan, wv. IV, see af-dumbnan.
dumbs, aj. dumb, 161, 227. OE. dumb, OHG. tumb.
du-rinnan, sv. III, to run to, 409.
du-stdjan, wv. I, to begin, 409.
du-, du, cj. therefore, because, besides, on that account, 351; du ei, to the end that, because.


-di-, suffix, 382.
dwala-wairdei, wf. foolish talking, 389.
dwalia, sf. foolishness, 382.
dwalmn, wv. II, to be foolish, 325. OE. dwolma, OHG. twalm, chaos, bewilderment, stupefaction.
dwals, aj. foolish, 149, 227. Cp. OE. ge-dwola, OHG. ga-twola, error.
ei, cj. that, so that, 351; interr. part. whether; rel. part. used as suffix, 270-2; also used alone, for saei, sei, atei; du amma ei, to the end that, because.
-eiga-, suffix, 394.
-eina-, suffix, 395.
-eini-, suffix, 388.
eisarn, sn. iron, 182; eisarna bi ftuns gabugana and ana ftum eisarna, fetters. OE. sen, sern, ren, OHG. san, sarn.
eisarneins, aj. iron.
ei-an, cj. therefore, 351.
fadar, m. father, 15, 16, 41, 55, 65, 87, 91, 136, 158, 160, 173, 216. OE. fder, OHG. fater.
fadrein, sn. paternity; pl. parents, 173; with masc. attribute and pl. v. as i fadrein is jah qun, and his parents said.
fadreins, sn. family, race, lineage, 199.
faginn, wv. II, to rejoice, be glad, 137, 325, 425. OE fgnian, OHG. faginn.
fagrs, aj. beautiful, suitable, fit, 227, 390. OE. fger, OHG. fagar.
fhan, sv. VII, to seize, catch, grasp, lay hands on, 4, 59, 142, 313. OE. fn, OHG. fhan.


fahs, sf. joy, gladness, 5, 137, 199.
faian, wv. III, to find fault with, 10.
fahu, sn. cattle, property, possessions, money, 7, 8, 10, 18, 88, 92, 116, 128, 164, 205. OE. feoh, OHG. fihu.
fahu-frikei, wf. covetousness, greed.
fahu-garnei, wf. covetousness, 389.
fahu-garns, aj. avaricious, 397. OE. georn, OHG. gern, eager.
far-ihan, pret.-pres. to partake of, 339.
far-greipan, sv. I, to seize, catch hold.
farguni, sn. mountain, 167, 187. Cp. OE. firgen-gt, mountain goat.
farus, sm. world, 203. OE. feorh, OHG. ferah, life.
farina, sf. accusation, charge, cause. OE. firen, OHG. firina.
farinn, wv. II, to accuse. OE. firenian, OHG. firinn
farneis, aj. old, 231.
farra, av. far, far off; followed by dat. far from; prep. (after verbs of motion) from, 158. OE. feor, OHG. ferro.
farrar, av. from afar, 348.
far-weitjan, wv. I, to gaze around.
far-weitl, sn. spectacle, 362.
falan, sv. VII, to fold, close, 313. OE. fealdan, OHG. faldan.
-fals, aj. -fold; infals, onefold, simple; fidurfals, fourfold. OE. -feald, OHG. -falt.


fana, wm. bit of cloth, patch, 208. OE. fana, OHG. fano.
faran, sv. VI, to fare, go, 65, 79, 100, 124, 160, 309. OE. OHG. faran.
fastan, wv. III, to fast, hold firm, keep, 328. OE. fstan, OHG. fastn.
fastubni, sn. fasting, observance, 158 note, 187, 386.
faa, sf. hedge. MHG. vade.
-fas, sm. master. Cp. Gr. ποσι&finalsigma; from *ποτι&finalsigma;, husband, Lat. hos-pes (gen. hos-pitis), he who entertains a stranger, a host.
fah, wf. fox. OHG. foha.
far, prep. c. acc. for, before, by, to, along, from, concerning, 350; av. before.
fara, prep. c. dat. before, for, on account of; from; av. before, 90, 348, 350. OHG. fora.
fara-dari, sn. street, lit. the space before a door or gate, 364.
fara-gagga, wm. steward, governor, 208, 364.
fara-gaggan, sv. VII, to go before, 441.
fara-gaggja, wm. governor.
fara-ga-teihan, sv. I, to inform beforehand, foretell, 411.
fara-hh (far-hh), sn. curtain, veil, 74, 363, 364.
fara-maleis, sm. ruler, prince, chief, 185, 364.
fara-qian, sv. V, to prophesy, foretell.
fara-standan, sv. VI, to rule, govern, stand near, 411.
fara-tani, sn. sign, wonder, 364.
far-bahts, sf. redemption, 363.
far-bi-gaggan, sv. VII, to go before, precede.


far-biudan, sv. II, to forbid, command, 410.
far-gaggan, sv. VII, to pass by, 410.
far-hh, see fara-hh.
farhtei, wf. fear, astonishment.
farhtjan, wv. I, to fear, be afraid, 320, 428. OE. forhtian, OHG. furhten.
farhts, aj. fearful, afraid. OE. OHG. forht.
far-lageins, sf. a putting before, exhibiting, 363; hlibs farlageinis, shew-bread.
far-qian, sv. V, to make excuse, excuse, 410.
far-sniwan, sv. V, to hasten before, anticipate, 410.
far-stasseis, sm. chief, ruler, 363.
far-is, av. first, beforehand, formerly, 345.
far-izei, cj. before that, 351.
*fus (masc. pl. fawi), aj. few, 149, 232. OE. fa, OHG. fao, f.
*feinan, wv. III, see in-feinan.
fra, sf. region, district, 77, 97, 192. OHG. fra, fiara.
fidur-dgs, aj. space of four days, 257 note. Cp. OE. dgor, day.
fidur-fals, num. fourfold, 257.
fidur-ragineis, sm. tetrarchate, 257 note.
fidwr, num. four, 25, 89 note, 134 note, 149, 158, 173, 247, 252. OE. fower, OHG. feor, fior.
fidwr-tahun, num. fourteen, 247.
fidwr tigjus, num. forty, 247.
figgra-gul, sn. finger-ring, 389.
figgrs, sm. finger, 17, 158, 166, 354. OE. finger, OHG. fingar.


fijan, wv. III, to hate, 152, 328 OE. fog(e)an, OHG. fn.
fijands (fiands), m. enemy, 20, 218, 379. OE. fond, OHG. fant.
fijawa (fiawa), sf. hatred, 192, 387.
filhan, sv. III, to hide, conceal, bury, 18, 122, 137, 164, 304. OE. folan, OHG. felhan.
filigri (filgri), sn. den, cave, hiding-place.
*fill, sn. skin, hide. OE. fell, OHG. fel, see rts-fill.
filleins, aj. leathern, 395. Cp. OE. fell, OHG. fel, skin.
filu, neut. aj., also used adverbially, great, very much, 88, 116, 205 note, 427. OE. fela, feola, feolu, OHG. filu.
filu-ga-lufs (filugalubs), aj. very precious, costly.
filusna, sf. multitude.
filu-wardei, wf. much talking, 389.
filu-wardjan, wv. I, to talk much, use many words.
fimf, num. five, 16, 60, 88, 134 note, 160, 247, 258. OE. fif, OHG. fimf, finf.
fimfta-, num. fifth, 253.
fimf-tahun, num. fifteen, 247, 252.
fimfta-tahunda, num. fifteenth, 253.
fimf tigjus, num. fifty, 247.
finan, sv. III, to find, find out, know, learn, hear, 28, 172, 304. OE. OHG. findan.
fiskja, wm. fisher, 153 note, 208, 354.
fiskn, wv. II, to fish, 325, 400.
fisks, sm. fish, 6, 38, 68, 93, 128, 180, 353. OE. OHG. fisc.
fitan, sv. V, to travail in birth, 308.


fldus, sf. flood, stream, 45, 79, 136. OE. fld, OHG. fluot.
*flkan, sv. VII, to lament, bewail, 313 note 4. OHG. fluachan, sv. fluohn, wv. to curse.
fdeins, sf. meat, food.
fdjan, wv. I, to feed, nourish, bring up 138, 320, 400. OE. fdan, OHG. fuoten.
fn, n. fire, 222.
ftu-bard, sn. footstool, 389. OE. ft-bord.
ftus, sm. foot, 45, 79, 87, 100, 128, 129, 203, 353. OE. ft, OHG. fuo%.
fra-bugjan, wv. I, to sell, 428.
fra-diljan, wv. I, to divide, distribute.
fra-giban, sv. V, to give, grant, 412.
fra-gifts, sf. a giving away, espousal, 138, 365. Cp. OE. OHG. gift.
fra-hinan, sv. III, to capture, imprison, 304; fra-hunans, prisoner.
frahnan, sv. V, to ask, ask questions, 308 and note, 427. OE. frignan, OHG. ge-fregnan.
frisan, sv. VII, to tempt, 312 note, 313. OE. frsian, OHG. freisn.
fristubni, sf. temptation, 158 note, 194, 386.
fra-itan, sv. V, to eat up, devour, 2 note, 308 note, 412.
friw, sn. seed, 149, 189 note 2.
fra-kunnan, pret.-pres. to despise, 34, 428.
fra-kuns, pp. despised, 34. OE. fraco.
fra-ltan, sv. VII, to liberate, let free, leave, let down, permit, 412.
fra-lts, sm. forgiveness, remission, deliverance.


fra-lwjan, wv. I, to betray.
fra-liusan, sv. II, to lose, 86, 105, 122, 302, 412, 428. OE. for-losan, OHG. fur-liosan.
fra-lusnan, wv. IV, to perish, go astray, be lost, 331.
fra-lusts, sf. loss, perdition, 95, 122, 199, 365. OHG. for-lust.
fram, prep. c. dat. from, by, since, on account of, 350; fram himma, henceforth, 267; fram himma nu, henceforth, 347. OE. from, OHG. fram.
fram-aldrs, aj. of great age, 366, 391. Cp. OE. ealdor, OHG. altar, age, life.
fram-ghts, sf. progress, furtherance, 74, 366.
framis, av. further, onward, 345. O.Icel. fremr.
fram-waris, av. henceforward.
fra-niman, sv. IV, to receive, take, 412.
fra-qiman, sv. IV, to expend, spend, 428.
fra-qisteins, sf. waste, 365.
fra-qistjan, wv. I, to destroy, 412, 428.
fra-qistnan, wv. IV, to perish, be destroyed, 331.
fra-qian, sv. V, to curse.
fra-slindan, sv. III, to swallow up, 304. OHG. fir-slintan.
frai, sn. understanding, 187, 354.
frajan, sv. VI, to understand, perceive, think, know, 122, 137, 171, 309, 310, 428.
fruja, wn. master, lord, 208. OE. fra, OHG. fr.
frujinn, to be lord or king, rule, 325, 381, 425.
frujinnds, m. ruler, 218.
fra-warpan, sv. III, to cast away.


fra-waran, sv. III, to corrupt, 436
fra-wardjan, wv. I, to destroy, spoil, corrupt, disfigure, 137 note, 152, 153, 320, 322, 412. OE. wierdan, OHG. far-werten.
fra-warhts, sf. evil-doing, sin, 199, 365. OE. for-wyrht.
fra-warhts, aj. sinful; subs. sinner. OHG. fra-woraht.
fra-warkjan, wv. I, to sin, 428. OE. for-wyrcan.
fra-weit, sn. vengeance, revenge, 365. OE. wte, OHG. w%%i, punishment.
fra-weitan, sv. I, to avenge. OHG. far-w%an.
fra-weitands, m. avenger, 218.
fra-wilwan, sv. III, to rob, take forcibly.
fra-wisan, sv. V, to spend, exhaust.
frei-hals, sm. freedom, 175, 179 note 2, 389. OE. frols.
freis, aj. free, 153, 229, 427. OE. fro, OHG. fr.
frijawa (friawa), sf. love, 387.
frijn, wv. II, to love, 325. OE. frog(e)an.
frijndi, sf. friend, 89, 194.
frijnds, m. friend, 154, 217, 379. OE. frond, OHG. friunt.
*friks, aj. greedy. OHG. freh.
fri-sahts, sf. example.
frdaba, av. wisely.
frdei, wf. understanding, wisdom, 122, 137, 212.
frs, aj. wise, 227. OE. frd, OHG. fruot.
fruma, aj. the former, prior, first, 246, 253, 254, 430; fruma sabbat, the day before the Sabbath. OE. forma.
fruma-bar, sm. first-born, see 175.


frumists, aj. first, foremost, best, chief (men), 246, 345.
frums, sm. beginning.
fugls, sm. bird, fowl, 22, 159, 168, 180, 354. OE. fugol, OHG. fogal.
fula, wm. foal. OE. fola, OHG. folo.
fulgins, aj. hidden, 122, 137, 227, 294.
fulhsni, sn. the thing hidden, a secret, 354.
fulla-fahjan, wv. I, to satisfy, serve.
fulla-tjis, aj. perfect, 229.
fulleis, sf. or fullei, sn. fulness.
fulljan, wv. I, to fill, fulfil, 427. OE. fyllan, OHG. fullen.
fullnan, wv. IV, to become full, 283, 329, 330, 427.
full, wf. fulness, 211.
fulls, aj. full, 16, 56, 139, 158, 160, 227, 330, 390, 427, 430. OE. full, OHG. fol.
fls, aj. foul, 45, 82. OE. OHG. fl.
funisks, aj. fiery, 396.
ga-, prefix, 367, 413.
ga-iginn, wv. II, to take possession of, get an advantage of, 425. OE. gnian, OHG. eiginen.
ga-istan, wv. III, to reverence.
ga-iwiskn, wv. II, to ill-treat, make ashamed. Cp. OE. ;wisc, disgrace.
ga-arman, wv. III, to have pity on, pity.
ga-baran, sv. IV, to bring forth, compare.
ga-barhteins, sf. appearance, manifestation.
ga-barhtjan, wv. I, to declare, reveal, manifest.


ga-batnan, wv. IV, to profit, benefit, 331.
ga-bauan, wv. III, to dwell.
ga-barjaba, av. gladly, willingly. Cp. OE. ga-byrian, gi-burren, to be fitting, proper.
ga-barjus, sm. pleasure, 385.
ga-bari-warda, sn. pi. genealogy, 389.
ga-bars, sf. birth, birthplace, native country, generation, 199, 367; ml gabar-is, birthday. OE. ge-byrd, OHG. gi-burt.
gabei, wf. riches, 122, 354.
gabigs (gabeigs), aj. rich.
ga-bindan, sv. III, to bind, 413.
ga-biugan, sv. II, to bend.
ga-bleijan, wv. I, to pity. Cp. OE. ble, OHG. blde, glad, cheerful.
ga-blindjan, wv. I, to blind.
ga-blindnan, wv. IV, to become blind, 331.
ga-btjan, wv. I, to make useful; aftra gabtjan, to restore.
ga-brannjan, wv. I, to burn, 320. OE. brnan, OHG. brennen.
ga-brikan, sv. IV, to break.
ga-bruka, sf. fragment, 367. OHG. brocko.
ga-bundi, sf. bond, 122.
ga-daban, sv. VI, to beseem, happen, befall, 310. Cp. OE. ge-dafen, fitting.
ga-diljan, wv. I, to divide, 413.
ga-dars, pret.-pres. I dare, 335. OE. dear(r), OHG. gi-tar.
ga-dubjan, wv. I, to make deaf, harden.
ga-darsan, pret.-pres. to dare, 71, 335 OE. *durran, OHG. gi-turran.


ga-dunan, wv. IV, to die, perish, 331.
ga-ds, sf. deed, 43, 75, 97, 122, 132.
ga-dfs, aj. becoming, fit, 367.
ga-dmjan, wv. I, to judge, pronounce judgment, condemn.
ga-draban, sv. VI, to hew out, 310.
ga-dragan, sv. VI, to heap up, heap together, 310. OE. dragan, OHG. tragan, to draw.
ga-dragkjan, wv. I, to give to drink.
ga-drahts, sm. soldier.
ga-driusan, sv. II, to fall, be cast.
ga-drbnan, wv. IV, to become troubled, anxious.
ga-fhan, sv. VII, to catch, take, seize, overtake, apprehend as a criminal, 74, 413.
ga-fhs, sm. a catch, haul, 74.
ga-fastan, wv. III, to keep, support, hold fast.
ga-fards, sf. chief council.
ga-furs, aj. well-behaved, 234.
ga-filh, sn. burial, 354, 367.
ga-filhan, sv. III, to hide, conceal, bury.
ga-frahnan, sv. V, to find out, learn by inquiry, ask, seek.
ga-frujinn, wv. II, to exercise lordship.
ga-fulljan, wv. I, to fill, 413.
ga-fullnan, wv. IV, to become full, fill
ga-gaggan, sv. VII, to collect, assemble, come to pass; also with sik.
ga-ga-minjan, wv. I, to make common, to defile.
ga-geigan, wv. III, to gain, 328.
gaggan, sv. VII, to go, 74, 158, 313 note 1, 321 note 2; pret. iddja. OE. OHG. gangan.


gaggs, sm. road, way. OE. OHG. gang.
ga-grfts, sf. order, decree.
ga-gudaba, av. godly.
ga-gudei, wf. piety, godliness, 212.
ga-gus (-guds), aj. godly, pious, 367, 391.
ga-haban, wv. III, to have, hold, secure, possess, lay hold on.
ga-haftjan sik, wv. I, to join oneself to, join, 331.
ga-haftnan, wv. IV, to be attached to. Cp. OE. hft, OHG. haft, bond, fetter.
ga-hhj, av. in order, connectedly, 74.
ga-hiljan, wv. I, to heal.
ga-hilnan, wv. IV, to become whole, be healed, 331.
ga-hit, sn. promise, 354. OE. ge-ht, OHG. ga-hei%.
ga-hitan, sv. VII, to call together, promise, 413.
ga-husjan, wv. I, to hear.
ga-hniwjan, wv. I, to lower, abase.
ga-hrineins, sf. cleansing.
ga-hrinjan, wv. I, to cleanse, make clean, 427.
ga-hugds, sf. thought, mind, conscience, 199, 367. OHG. ge-hygd, OE. gi-hugt.
ga-huljan, wv. I, to cover, conceal.
ga-atjan, wv. I, to sharpen, incite, entice, 138. OE. hwettan, OHG. wezzen.
ga-eitjan, wv. I, to whiten. OE. hwtan, OHG. hw%en.
ga-tjan, wv. I, to threaten, rebuke, strictly charge.
gaanna, wm. Gehenna, hell. Gr. γεεννα


ga-iddja, see ga-gaggan.
gidw, sn. want, lack, 189 note 2. OE. gd, g;d.
garda, sf. girdle. Cp. OE. gyrdel, OHG. gurtil.
*gardan, sv. III, see uf-gardan.
garnjan, wv. I, to be fain or willing, desire, wish, long for, 427. OE. giernan.
*garns, aj. desirous, eager. OE. georn, OHG. gern.
giru, sn. goad, sting, 205 note. OE. gr.
*gisjan, wv. I, see us-gisjan.
giteins, aj. belonging to a goat; neut. gitein, young goat, kid. OE. g;ten, OHG. gei%n.
gits, sm. goat. OE. gt, OHG. gei%.
ga-juk, sn. pair, 367.
ga-juka, wm. companion, 208.
ga-juk, wf. parable, comparison, 211.
ga-kannjan, wv. I, to make known.
ga-kiusan, sv. II, to approve, 413.
ga-kunnan, wv. III, to recognize, observe, consider, read, 328.
ga-kuns, sf. appearance, persuasion.
ga-kusts, sf. test, 199, 354, 367.
ga-lagjan, wv. I, to lay, lay down, set, place, make.
ga-lisjan, wv. I, to teach.
ga-lista, wm. follower; ga-lista wisan, to follow.
ga-listjan, wv. I, to follow.
ga-lan, wv. II, to invite, call together.
ga-lubeins, sf. faith, belief, 200.
ga-lubjan, wv. I, to believe, 122, 161, 200, 320, 413. OE. ge-lefan, OHG. gi-louben.


ga-lugnjan, wv. I, to be hid, lie hid.
ga-lusjan, wv. I, to loose, loosen.
ga-leikan, wv. III, to please, take pleasure in, 436.
ga-leik, av. like, in the same manner, 344. OE. ge-lce, OHG. gi-lhho.
ga-leikn, wv. II, to liken, compare, resemble, be like, 325.
ga-leiks, aj. like, similar, 227. OE. ge-lc, OHG. gi-lh.
ga-leian, sv. I, to go, travel, come, 300. OE. lan, OHG. ldan.
ga-lwjan, wv. I, to give up, betray.
galga, wm. cross, gallows, 208. OE. gealga, OHG. galgo.
ga-lisan sik, sv. V, to gather together, meet together, assemble, 413.
ga-liug, sn. lie; galiug weit-wdjan, to bear false witness.
ga-liugan, wv. III, to marry.
ga-liuga-praftus, sm. false prophet.
ga-liuga-weitws (-wds), sm. false witness.
ga-liuga-xristus, sm. false Christ.
ga-liuhtjan, wv. I, to bring to light, illumine.
ga-lkan, sv. II, to shut, lock, 82, 102, 280, 302 and note. OE. lcan, OHG. lhhan.
ga-luknan, wv. IV, to be shut up.
ga-minds, sf. community, 382.
ga-minjan, wv. I, to make common, defile.
ga-mins, aj. common, unclean, 234. OE. ge-m;ne, OHG. gi-meini.


ga-mis (-mids), aj. weak, feeble, bruised. OE. ge-m;dd, OHG. gi-meit, mad.
ga-malwjan, wv. I, to bruise.
ga-man, sn. fellow-man, companion, partner, 367.
ga-manwjan, wv. I, to prepare, make ready.
ga-marzjan, wv. I, to offend.
ga-matjan, wv. I, to eat.
ga-mudeins, sf. remembrance.
ga-mudjan, wv. I, to remember, remind.
ga-margjan, wv. I, to curtail, cut short.
ga-mljan, wv. I, to write, enroll; ata gamlid, writing, scripture.
ga-mini, sn. remembrance.
ga-mt, pret.-pres. I find room, 338. OE. mt, OHG. muo%, I may.
*ga-mtan, pret.-pres. to find room, to have room, 338.
ga-mtjan, wv. I, to meet, 320. OE. ge-mtan.
ga-munan, pret.-pres. to bethink, remember.
ga-munds, sf. remembrance, 54, 199, 354, 367. OE. ge-mynd, OHG. gi-munt.
ga-nah, pret.-pres. it suffices, 336. Cp. OE. be-neah.
ga-nitjan, wv. I, to treat shamefully. OE. n;tan, OHG. nei%en.
ga-nasjan, wv. I, to save, 413.
ga-niman, sv. IV, to take to oneself, take with one, conceive.
ga-nipnan, wv. IV, to mourn, be sorrowful. Cp. OE. ge-npan, to grow dark.
ga-nisan, sv. V, to be saved, become whole, recover, 137 note, 174, 175 note, 308, 322. OE. ge-nesan, OHG. gi-nesan.


ga-nists, sf. salvation, health, 199, 354. OHG. gi-nist.
ga-nijis, sm. kinsman.
ga-niutan, sv. II, to catch with nets, catch.
ga-nhs, aj. enough, sufficient, numerous, 430. OE. ge-nh, OHG. gi-nuog.
ga-qiman, sv. IV, to assemble, come together, 34, 436.
ga-qiss, sf. consent, 226 note, 354.
ga-qiss, aj. consenting, 226 note.
ga-qiujan, wv. I, to give life to, 319.
ga-qiunan, wv. IV, to be made alive, 331.
ga-qums, sf. assembly, synagogue, 87, 122, 199, 354, 367.
ga-rahtei, wf. righteousness, 212.
ga-rahteins, sf. righteousness.
ga-rahts, aj. righteous, just.
ga-ris (-rids), aj. due, fixed, appointed. OE. ge-r;de, OHG. bi-reiti, ready.
ga-rajan, sv. VI, to count, 310. Cp. OHG. redn, to speak.
ga-razna, wm. neighbour.
ga-razn, wf. female neighbour.
garda, wm. yard, fold, 208. OHG. garto, garden.
garda-waldands, m. ruler or master of the house, 389
gards, sm. house, household, court, 173, 197. OE. geard, OHG. gart.
ga-rdan, sv. VII, to reflect upon, 75, 314. OE. r;dan, OHG. rtan, to advise.
ga-rinnan, sv. III, to run, hasten together, come together, 413, 436.


ga-rni, sn. consultation, counsel, 187. OE. ge-rne, OHG. gi-rni, a secret.
ga-runs, sf. market-place, street, 199.
ga-sahts, sf. reproof.
ga-saan, sv. V, to see, behold, perceive.
ga-sakan, sv. VI, to rebuke, reprove.
ga-salbn, wv. II, to anoint.
ga-satjan, wv. I, to set, lay, place, add, appoint, restore; gasatjan nam, to surname.
ga-sigqan, sv. III, to sink.
ga-sinja (-sina), wm. companion, 208. OE. ge-s, OHG. gi-sind.
ga-sitan, sv. V, to sit, sit down.
ga-skafts, sf. creation, creature, 34, 138, 199, 354, 367. OE. ge-sceaft, OHG. gi-skaft.
ga-skidnan, wv. IV, to become parted, 331.
ga-skapjan, sv. VI, to create, make, 310. OE. scieppan, OHG. skephen.
ga-skajan, wv. I, to injure.
ga-skeirjan, wv. I, to make clear, interpret.
ga-skhi, sn. pair of shoes.
ga-skhs, aj. shed.
ga-slawan, wv. III, to be still, be silent.
ga-sleijan, wv. I, to slight, injure; gasleijan sik, to be injured in, suffer loss of.
ga-smeitan, sv. I, to smear, 300. OE. be-smtan, OHG. bi-sm%an.
ga-sjan, wv. I, to fill, satisfy, 122.
ga-stagqjan, wv. I, to dash against.
ga-staldan, sv. VII, to possess, 312 note, 313. OE. stealdan.


ga-standan, sv. VII, to stand fast, stand still, remain, be restored.
ga-starknan, wv. IV, to become dry, dry up, pine away. OHG. gi-storchanen, to become rigid or hard.
ga-strujan, wv. I, to strew, furnish.
gasts, sm. guest, 6, 39, 65, 87 note 1, 88 and note, 91, 107, 110, 117, 128, 133, 134, 153, 167, 175, 196. OE. giest, OHG. gast.
ga-supn, wv. II, to season.
ga-swran, wv. III, to glorify, make known.
ga-swi-kunjan, wv. I, to make known, proclaim.
ga-swiltan, sv. III, to die.
ga-swgjan, wv. I, to sigh. OE. swgan, to resound.
ga-taran, sv. IV, to tear to pieces, destroy, break, 122, 306, 413. OE. teran, OHG. zeran.
ga-tamjan, wv. I, to tame, 318. OE. temian.
ga-tujan, wv. I, to do, make, perform.
ga-tara, wm. tear, rent, 122, 208, 354.
ga-tars, sf. destruction, 199.
ga-teihan, sv. I, to tell, relate, proclaim, make known, show, 18, 48, 69, 300. OE. ton, ton, OHG. zhan, to accuse.
ga-tmiba, av. fitly, 344. Cp. OHG. ga-zmo.
ga-tilaba, av. conveniently.
ga-tiln, wv. II, to attain, obtain. OE. tilian, OHG. ziln.
ga-tils, aj. fit, convenient. OE. til.
ga-timan, sv. IV, to suit, 306. OHG. zeman.
ga-timrjan (-timbrjan), wv. I, to build.


ga-timrj, wf. building, 211.
ga-tiuhan, sv. II, to draw, lead, bring, take.
ga-trauan, wv. III, to trust, entrust, be persuaded.
gatw, wf. street, 211. OHG. ga%%a.
ga-ahan, wv. III, to be silent.
ga-arsan, sv. III, to wither, 304.
ga-arban, wv. III, to suffer want, abstain from, 427. OE. earfian, OHG. darbn.
ga-arsnan, wv. IV, to become dry, dry up, wither away, 331.
ga-iujan, wv. I, to bless.
ga-lihan, sv. VII, to cherish, console, comfort, take in the arms, caress, 313 note 2. OHG. flhn.
ga-iuhan, sv. II, to flee.
ga-rafsteins, sf. comfort.
ga-rask, sn. threshing-floor.
ga-ulan, wv. III, to suffer, endure.
guja, wm. countryman; used in pl. land, region.
gumjan, wv. I, to perceive, see, behold, observe, 84, 320, 428. OE. geman, OHG. goumen.
gunn, wv. II, to lament, 325.
gunus, sm. mourning, lamentation, 385.
guria, sf. sorrow, 384.
gurs, aj. sad, troubled, mournful, sorrowful, 227.
ga-wadjn, wv. II, to pledge, betroth. OE. weddian, MHG. wetten.
ga-wagjan, wv. I, to stir, shake.
ga-warpan, sv. III, to cast, cast down, throw down.
ga-wareigs, aj. at peace, peaceably disposed.
ga-wari, sn. peace, 183, 187.


ga-waknan, wv. IV, to awake, 331. OE. ge-wcnan.
ga-waldan, sv. VII, to rule, bear rule.
ga-waljan, wv. I, to choose, choose out
ga-wandjan, wv. I, to turn round, bring back; with refl. pr. to be converted, turn round, return, 413.
ga-wargjan, wv. I, to condemn. OE. wiergan, OHG. fur-wergen, to curse.
ga-wasjan sik, wv. I, to clothe.
ga-warki, sn. deed.
ga-warkjan, wv. I, to make, prepare, appoint.
ga-warstwa, wm. fellow-worker, 208, 367.
ga-weihan, wv. III, to sanctify.
ga-weisn, wv. II, to visit, 427. OHG. wsn.
gawi, sn. region, district, land, neighbourhood, 187. OHG. gewi, gouwi
ga-widan, sv. V, to bind, join together, 308. OHG. wetan.
ga-wigan, sv. V, to shake down, 133, 308. OE. OHG. wegan.
ga-wiljis, aj. willing, 229.
ga-wrisqan, sv. III, to bear fruit, 304.
gazds, sm. sting, 173. OHG. gart.
*geisnan, wv. IV, see us-geisnan.
giba, sf. gift, 4, 87, 89 and note, 90, 111, 114, 119, 120, 175, 191, 192, 354. OE. giefu, OHG. geba.
giban, sv. V, to give, 16, 17, 65, 91, 93, 122, 124, 138, 161, 286 notes 2, 3, 307. OE giefan, OHG. geban.
gibands, m. giver, 218.
gibla, wm. gable, pinnacle. OHG. gibil.


*gifts, sf. see fra-gifts.
*gildan, sv. III, see us-gildan.
gilstr, sn. tribute. OHG. gelstar.
gilstra-mleins, sf. taxation, taxing.
gila, sf. sickle.
gistra-dagis, av. to-morrow, 34, 347, 427. OE. giestran-dge, OHG. gesteron, yesterday.
*gitan, sv. V, see bi-gitan.
giutan, sv. V, to pour, 302. OE. gotan, OHG. gio%an.
glaggw, av. accurately, 89, 151, 344. Cp. OE. glaw, OHG. glau, wise, skilful.
glaggwuba (glaggwaba), av. exactly, diligently, 151.
glitmunjan, wv. I, to shine, glitter, 316, 320.
gda-kunds, aj. of noble birth, 397.
gdei, wf. goodness, virtue, 383.
gljan, wv. I, to greet, salute, 320.
gs (gds), aj. good, 17, 167, 173, 226 note, 227, 245, 428. OE. gd, OHG. guot.
graba, sf. ditch, 192.
graban, sv. VI, to dig, 122, 161, 286 note 3, 309. OE. grafan, OHG. graban.
gras, sn. grass, blade of grass, 26, 182. OE. grs, OHG. gras.
grdags, aj. greedy, hungry, 227, 392. OE. gr;dig, OHG. grtag.
grdn, wv. II, to be greedy or hungry, 426.
greipan, sv. I, to seize, lay hold of, take (prisoner), 300. OE. grpan, OHG. grfan.
grtan, sv. VII, to weep, lament, 167, 314. O.Icel. grta.
grts, sm. weeping.


grba, sf. den, hole, cave, 122. OHG. gruoba.
*grundus, sm. ground. OE. grund, OHG. grunt.
grundu-waddjus, sm. and sf. foundation, 392.
guda-farhts, aj. devout, god-fearing.
guda-lus, aj. godless, 397.
gud-hs, sn. temple, 8, 26, 82, 174, 389. OE. OHG. hs, house.
gudisks, aj. divine, 396.
gudja, wm. priest, 208, 354, 381, 425.
gudjinassus, sm. office of a priest, ministration, 381.
gudjinn, wv. II, to be a priest, 381, 425.
gul, sn. gold, 353. OE. OHG. gold.
guleins, aj. golden, 227, 395
guma, wm. man, 33, 88, 133, 134, 158, 167, 208. OE. guma, OHG. gomo.
guma-kunds, aj. male, of the male sex, 397.
gumeins, aj. manlike, male, 395.
gunds, sm. or sf. cancer, canker. OE. gund, OHG. gunt, pus.
*gutnan, wv. IV, see us-gutnan.
gu, sm. God, 70; neut. pl. guda, heathen gods. See note to Mark ii. 7. OE. god, OHG. got.
gu-blstreis, sm. worshipper of God, 138, 389.
haban, wv. III, to have, possess, hold, take, esteem, count, consider, keep, observe, be able to do, 14, 76, 90, 112, 161, 164, 283, 326, 327, 432; ubil and ubilaba haban, to be ill; wars haban, to be worse; gaf-hana haban, to hold captive; ei habiddun ina gadaban, what things should happen unto him; aftumist haban, to lie at the point of death; farra haban sik, to be far from; habi wisan at, to be held, be ready for. OE. habban, OHG. habn.


hafjan, sv. VI, to raise, lift, bear up, carry, 128, 134, 137, 164, 310. OE. hebban, OHG. heffen.
haftjan, wv. I, to join, cleave to. OE. hftan, OHG. heften.
*hafts, sf. see anda-hafts. Cp. OHG. haft, captivity.
hhan, sv. VII, to hang, 74, 96, 142, 313. OE. hn, OHG. hhan.
hidus, sm. manner, way. OE. hd, OHG. heit.
hifstjan, wv. I, to strive, fight.
hifsts, sf. fight, strife. Cp. OE. h;st, violence.
hihs, aj. half-blind, with one eye. Cp. Lat. caecus, blind.
hiljan, wv. I, to heal, 320, 322, 400, 427. OE. h;lan, OHG. heilen.
*hilnan, wv. IV, see ga-hilnan.
hils, aj. whole, sound, safe, 22, 83, 227, 322, 390. OE. h1, OHG. heil.
himli, sn. homestead, lands. OHG. heimdil.
hims, sf. village, town, country place, 199 note. OE. hm, OHG. heim.
harda, sf. herd, flock, 192. OE. heord, OHG. herta.
hardeis, sm. shepherd, 88, 110, 115, 152, 153, 154, 157, 184, 185. OE. hierde, OHG. hirti.


-hartei, wf. a deriv. of hart.
hart, wn. heart, 7, 18, 27, 67, 87, 89, 114, 119, 128, 129, 164, 170, 206, 213. OE. heorte, OHG. herza.
harus, sm. sword, 203. OE. heoru.
-hit, sn. a naming, commanding; a deriv. of hitan.
hitan, sv. VII, to call name, order, command, invite, 10, 27, 33, 83, 103, 138, 282, 286 and note 3, 311, 312, 313, 426. OE. htan, OHG. hei%an.
hiti, sf. order, command, 194.
hii, sf. field, heath, 194. OE. h;, OHG. heida.
hiiwisks, aj. wild, 396.
hin, wf. a heathen woman. Cp. OE. h;en, OHG. heidan, aj. heathen.
hakuls, sm. cloak. OE. hacele, OHG. hahhul.
halbs, aj. half, 430. OE. healf, OHG. help.
haldan, sv. VII, to hold, take care of, tend, feed, 22, 158, 173, 313. OE. healdan, OHG. haltan.
haldis, av. rather, more, 265 note, 345; ni haldis, not the more so, by no means. OHG. halt.
halja, sf. hell, 192. OE. hell, OHG. hella.
hals, sm. neck, 171. OE. heals, OHG. hals.
hals-agga (for the probably corrupt bals-agga of the manuscript), wm. neck, 389.
halts, aj. halt, lame, 227. OE. healt, OHG. halz
hamfs, aj. one-handed, maimed. OHG. hamf.
hana, wm. cock, 87, 106, 107, 114, 117, 128, 206, 207. OE. hana, OHG. hano.


handugei, wf. cleverness, wisdom, 383.
handugs, aj. clever, wise, 227.
handus, sf. hand, 172, 200. OE. hand, OHG. hant.
handu-warhts, aj. wrought by hand, 397.
hansa, sf. multitude, company, band of men. OE. hs, OHG. hansa.
harduba, av. hardly, severely, grievously.
hardu-hartei, wf. hardness or heart, hard-heartedness, 389.
hardus, aj. hard, 107, 235, 243, 390. OE. heard, OHG. hart.
harjis, sm. army, host, 107, 115, 152, 154, 155, 158, 184, 185. OE. here, OHG. heri.
hatan, wv. III, to hate, 328 and note 3. OE. hatian, OHG. ha%%n.
hatis, sn. hatred, wrath. OE. hete, OHG. ha%.
hatizn, wv. II, to be angry, 325.
hatjan, wv. I, to hate, 328 note 3. OHG. hezzen.
hubi, sn. head, 11, 84, 173, 181, 182. OE. hafod, OHG. houbit.
huhaba, av. highly, 344.
huheins, sf. praise.
huh-hartei, wf. pride, 212.
huh-harts, aj. proud-hearted, 398. OE. hah-heort.
huhis, av. higher, 345.
huhisti, sn. the highest, height, highest point, highest heaven.
huhjan, wv. I, to glorify, make high, praise, exalt, magnify. OHG. hhen.
huhs, aj. high, 244. OE. hah, OHG. hh.
huh-hts, aj. having high thoughts, proud, 321 note 1.


hards, sf. door, 199.
harn, sn. horn, skin, husk, 11, 87 note, 182, 353. OE. OHG. horn.
harnja, wm. horn-blower, 208.
harnjan, wv. I, to blow a horn, trumpet.
huseins, sf. word, preaching, report (lit. = hearing), sense of hearing.
husjan, wv. I, to hear, perceive, listen to, 320. OE. heran, OHG. hren.
husjn, wv. II, to hear.
hawi, sn. grass, hay, 149, 187. OE. heg, OHG. hewi, houwi.
hazjan, wv. I, to praise, 30, 137 note, 154, 175, 318. OE. herian.
heit, wf. fever.
heiwa-fruja, wm. master of a house. OE. hwa, member of a family, OHG. hwo, husband.
hr, av. here, hither, 77, 97, 348. OE. OHG. hr.
hj, wf. chamber, room, 211.
hidr, av. hither, 5, 117, 348. OE. hider.
hilms, sm. helmet, 66. OE. OHG. helm.
hilpan, sv. III, to help, 23, 66, 70, 93, 95, 124, 160, 280, 303, 427. OE. helpan, OHG. helfan.
himina-kunds, aj. heavenly, 397.
himins, sm. heaven, 180.
hindana, prep. c. gen. behind, on that side of, beyond, 348, 427. OE. hindan, OHG. hintana.
hindar, prep. c. acc. and dat. behind, over, beyond, among, 350. OE. hinder, OHG. hintar.


hindar-leian, sv. I, to go behind, 414.
hindar-weis, aj. deceitful, 368.
hindar-weisei, wf. deceitfulness, 368.
hindumists, aj. hindmost, outermost, 246.
*hinan, sv. III, see fra-hinan.
hiri (old imperative used as an interjection), come here!; dual hirjats, come here, ye two!; pl. hirji, come ye here! 69 note. See note to Mark xii. 7.
*his, dem. pr., preserved in the adverbial phrases himma daga, on this day, to-day, 267, 347; und hina dag, to this day; und hita, und hita nu, till now, hitherto; fram himma, from henceforth.
hiufan, sv. II, to mourn, weep, complain, 302. OE. hofan, OHG. hiufan.
hiuhma, wm. crowd, multitude, heap, 208, 429.
hiwi, sn. appearance. OE. hew, hw.
hlahjan, sv. VI, to laugh, 310. OE. hliehhan, OHG. hlahhen.
hlifs, sm. loaf, bread, 10, 18, 161, 164, 179, 180. OE. hlf, OHG. hleib.
hlins, sm. hill.
hliw, sn. grave, tomb, 149. OE. hlw, OHG. hlo.
hliwasna, sf. (only found in plural), tomb.
*hlaan, sv. VI, to load, lade. OE. hladan, OHG. (h)ladan.
*hlupan, sv. VII, to leap, 84, 313 note 5. OE. hlapan, OHG. hlouffan.
hluts, sm. lot. OHG. hl%.
hleiduma, aj. left; as subst. fem. the left hand or side, 246.


hlifan, sv. V, to steal, 88, 128, 160, 308.
hliftus, sm. thief, 128, 164, 203, 354.
hlijans, dec. pl.; nom. ? hleis, sm. or ? hlija, wm. tent, tabernacle.
hliuma, wm. hearing, 208.
hltrei, wf. purity, 212.
hltrs, aj. pure, 227. OE. hlt(t)or, OHG. hlt(t)ar.
hniwjan, wv. I, to abase, lower, 149, 320. Cp. OE. hn;gan, OHG. hneigen.
hniws, aj. low, humble, 149.
hnasqus, aj. soft, tender, 236. OE. hnesce.
hneiwan, sv. I, to bend downwards, decline, bow, 300. OE. OHG. hngan.
*hniupan, sv. II, see dis-hniupan.
hln, wv. II, to treat with violence, deceive, injure, 325. OE. hlian.
hrinassus, sm. whoredom, adultery, 381.
hrinn, wv. II, to commit adultery, 425.
hrinndei, pres. part. fem. adulteress.
hrs, sm. adulterer. OE. hre, wf.
hrineins, sf. purification.
hrinjan, wv. I, to make clean, cleanse, 320, 400. OHG. hreinen.
hrins, aj. clean, pure, 88, 164, 233. OHG. hreini.
hriwa-db, wf. turtle-dove. OE. hrw, hr;w, OHG. hro, corpse, carrion; OE. dfe, OHG. tba, dove.
*hrisjan, wv. I, see us-hrisjan.
hrpjan, wv. I, to call, cry out. OE. hrpan, sv., OHG. hruoffen.
hrt, sn. roof. O.Icel. hrt.


hreigs, aj. victorious, triumphant, 394. OE. hrig.
hrugga, sf. staff, OE. hrung.
hrukjan, wv. to crow.
huggrjan, wv. I, to hunger, 95, 137, 166, 320, 426. OE. hyngran, OHG. hungaren.
hugjan, wv. I, to think, consider, 72. OE. hycgan, OHG. huggen.
hhrus, sm. hunger, 82, 137, 203.
huljan, wv. I, to hide, conceal, cover, disguise, 318. OHG. hullen.
huls, aj. gracious, 227, 428. OE. OHG. hold.
-hun, particle, 278 note 1.
hund, sn. hundred, 53, 134, 136, 139, 143, 164, 172, 247. OE. hund, OHG. hunt.
hunda-fas, sm. centurion, 389.
hunds, sm. dog, hound, 40, 72, 128, 143, 180. OE. hund, OHG. hunt.
hunsl, sn. sacrifice, 159. OE. hsl, Eucharist.
hunsla-stas, sm. altar, 389.
hunsljan, wv. I, to sacrifice.
hups, sm. hip, loins, 197. OE. hype, OHG. huf.
*hs, sn., see gud-hs.
huzd, sn. treasure, 15, 30, 70, 141, 173, 175, 182. OE. hord, OHG. hort.
huzdjan, wv. I, to collect treasures, store up, hoard up.
adr, av. whither, 117, 348.
arban, sv. III, to walk, 165, 304. OE. hweorfan, OHG. hwerban.
*arbs, aj., see eila-arbs, and cp. arban.
arnei, wf. skull.
iteis, sm. corn, wheat, 185. OE. hw;te, OHG. hwei%i.
iwa, cj. and av. how, in what way, 351. OHG. hw.


an, av., interrog. when, whenever; before ajs. and avs., how; before comparatives, how much; with other particles, at any time, 347; an lagg ml, for how long a time; nibi an, lest at any time; an filu, how much. Cp. OE. hwonne, OHG. hwanne.
an-hun, av. ever, at any time; only used with neg., as ni an-hun, never.
*apjan, wv. I, see af-apjan.
*apnan, wv. IV, see af-apnan.
ar, av. where, 348. Cp. OE. hw;r, OHG. hwr.
arbn, wv. II, to go about, pass by, wander, walk, 325. OE. hwearfian, OHG. hwarbn.
arjis, pr. who, which (out of many), 274, 275, 427.
arjiz-uh, indef. pr. each, every, 255, 275.
as, interrog. pr. who, what, 39, 87, 88 and note, 89, 114, 128, 134, 165, 175 note 2, 273, 275; indef. pr. anyone, 279, 427. OE. hw.
as-hun, indef. pr with the neg. particle ni, no one, 278.
*ass, aj. sharp. O.Icel. hvass, OHG. (h)was, cp. ga-atjan.
assaba, av. sharply, 138, 344.
assei, wf. sharpness, severity, 138, 344. Cp. OE. hwss, OHG. hwas, sharp.
*atjan, wv. I, see ga-atjan.
a, av. whither, 348.
aar, pr. which of two, whether, 106, 165, 274. OE. hwer.
aar-uh, indef. pr. each of two, 275.


ajan, wv. I, to foam, 130.
ar, av. whence, 89, 119, 348.
az-uh, indef. pr. each, every, 89, 109, 114, 175 note 2, 275, 427; twans anzuh, two and two, 273 note 2.
az-uh saei, indef. pr. whosoever, 276.
, av. with what, wherewith, how, 273 note 1; galeiks? like unto what? galeikn? to liken unto what? OE. hw, hw
eila, sf. time, season, hour, 19, 78, 165, 192, 353. OE. hwl, OHG. hwla.
eila-arbs, aj. inconstant, transient, enduring only for a while, 397.
*eitjan, wv. I, see ga-eitjan.
eits, aj. white, 140, 165. OE. hwt, OHG. hw%.
e-lus, pr. what sort of, 274.
i-leiks, pr. what sort of, 274.
pan, sv. VII, to boast, 19, 165 and note, 311, 313. OE. hwpan, to threaten.
tjan, wv. I, to threaten, rebuke, charge.
ibi, interrogative particle, like Gr. μη, Lat. num; ibi, iba, cj. lest, that ... not, 349, 351. Cp. OHG. ibu.
ibna-leiks, aj. equal, 398. OE. efen-lc, OHG. eban-lh.
ibnassus, sm. evenness, 203, 381.
ibns, aj. even, 14, 22, 159, 161, 227, 390. OE. efen, efn, OHG. eban.
iddja, pret. I went, 2 note 1, 15, 156, 313 note, 321.
idreiga, sf. repentance.
idreign, wv. II, to repent, 325.


id-weit, sn. reproach, 369. OE. ed-wt, OHG. ita-w%.
id-weitjan, wv. I, to reprove, blame, revile, reproach, 428.
iftuma, aj. next, the one after, the following, 246.
igqar, poss. pr. of you two, 263.
ik, pers. pr. 1, 6, 21, 88, 129, 162, 260, 261 OE. ic, OHG. ih.
im, def. v. I am, 342.
in, prep. c. acc. in, into, towards; c. gen. on account of; c. dat. in, into, among, by, 350. OE. OHG. in.
-n-, (-ein-), suffix, 383.
in-ahei, wf. soberness, sobriety, 370.
in-ahs, aj. wise, sober, 370.
-inassu-, suffix, 381.
in-brannjan, wv. I, to put in the fire, burn, 415.
in-drbnan, wv. IV, to become sad.
in-feinan, wv. IV, to be moved with compassion, have compassion on, pity, 331.
in-gardja, w. aj. used as subst. one of the same household, 370.
inil, wf. excuse, pretence, 370.
in-kil, w. aj. with child.
in-kunja, wm. one of the same country, countryman, 370.
in-mideins, sf. change, exchange, 370.
in-midjan, wv. I, to change, exchange, transfigure.
inn, av. in, within; inn atgaggan, to enter, enter into, go into; inn gaggan, to go in, enter.
inna, av. within, 348.
inna-kunds, aj. of the same household, 371.
innana, av. within; prep. c. gen. within, inside, 348, 427. OE. innan, OHG. innana.


innar, av. within, 348.
innuma, aj. the inner, innermost, inmost, 246.
-inn, suffix, 425.
in-saian, sv. VII, to sow in, 415.
in-saan, sv. V, to look at, look upon, look round, behold, regard, 415.
in-siljan, wv. I, to bind with ropes, let down with cords. OE. s;lan.
in-sandjan, wv. I, to send send forth, 415.
in-standan, sv. VI, to persist.
in-swinjan, wv. I, to grow strong; inswinjan sik, to be strong.
in-tandjan, wv. I, to burn up.
inuh, inu, prep. c. acc. without, except, 350.
in-wagjan, wv. I, to stir up.
in-weitan, sv. I, to worship, reverence, salute, 300.
in-widan, sv. V, to reject, frustrate, deny, refuse.
in-winds, aj. turned aside, perverse, unjust, unrighteous, 370.
in-wisan, sv. V, to be present, be near at hand.
is, pers. pr. he, 88 note, 114, 129, 175 note 2, 260, 261, 263.
is, def. v. thou art, 342.
-iska-, suffix, 384.
itan, sv. V, to eat, 6, 43, 66, 129, 138, 170, 280, 308 and note. OE. etan, OHG. e%%an.
i, cj. but, however, if, 351.
-ia, suffix, 384.
iudawisks, aj. Jewish, 396.
iumj, wf. multitude.
iup, av. upwards; iupa, above, 9, 348; iupana, iupar, from above, 348.


iz-ei, iz-, rel. pr. masc. who, which, 5, 175 note 2, 271 note 3.
izwar, poss. pr. your, 263.
ja, ji, av. yea, yes, verily, 349. OHG. j.
jabi, cj. if, even if, although, 351; jabi ... au, either ... or.
jah, cj. and, also, even, 18, 164, 351; jah ... jah, both ... and, 351; ni atinei ... ak jah, not only ... but also; nih ... ak jah, not only ... but also. OHG. ja.
jinar, av. yonder, there, in that place, 348.
jind, jindr, av. thither, 348.
jins, dem. pr. that, yon, 268, 430.
jinr, av. thence, 348.
ja- cj. and if, 265 note 1; a ... ja, whether ... or, 351.
ja-u, interrogative particle, whether; in indirect questions, if so, so then, 349.
jr, sn. year, 5, 20, 152, 182. OE. gar, OHG. jr.
jiukan, wv. III, to contend, 328.
ju, av. already, now, 347. OHG. j, gi.
jugga-lus, sm. a youth, young man.
juggs, aj. young, 20, 72, 82, 95, 102, 136, 137, 152, 227, 243, 390. OE. geong, OHG. jung.
jhiza, aj. younger, 137, 243.
juk, sn. yoke, 20, 21, 70, 87, 88 note, 89, 95, 129, 152, 162, 182, 353. OE. geoc, OHG. joh.
junda, sf. youth.
jus, pers. pr. ye, 260, 261.
ju-an, aj. already.
kisar, sm. Caesar, emperor, governor. OE. csere, OHG. keisar, Lat. Caesar, Gr. και&circumflex;σαρ.


kisara-gild, sn. tribute-money.
kalb, wf. calf, 161, 211. OE. cealf, OHG. kalb, sn.
kalds, aj. cold, 15, 129, 134, 162, 227, 390. OE. ceald, OHG. kalt.
kalkinassus, sm. adultery, fornication.
kalkj, wf. harlot.
kann, pret.-pres. I know, 22, 158 note, 335. OE. can(n), OHG. kan.
kannjan, wv. I, to make known, 158 note. OE. cennan, OHG. kennen.
kara, sf. care, anxiety, 192, 426; ni hara uk, there is no care to thee, thou carest not. OE. cearu, OHG. chara.
karkara, sf. prison, 192. Lat. carcer.
karn, wv. II, to care for, be concerned about, 325, 400.
kas, sn. vessel, pitcher. OHG. kar.
katils, sm. kettle, vessel for water. OE. cietel, OHG. che%%il.
kupatjan, wv. I, to buffet, cuff, strike with the palm of the hand, 138, 321, 424.
kupn, wv. II, to traffic, 325. OE. capian, OHG. coufn.
karbn, gift. Gr. κορβα&circumflex;ν.
karia, sf. weight, burden, 384.
karn, sn. corn, 21, 182. OE. corn, OHG. korn.
karn, sn. corn, a grain of corn, 214.
karus, aj. heavy, 129, 146, 236.
kusjan, wv. I, to prove, test, taste.


keinan, sv. I, to bud, grow, spring up; weak pret. keinda, see note to Mark iv. 27.
klikn, sn. tower, upper-room.
kilei, wf. womb, 212.
kindins, sm. ruler, governor.
kinnus, sf. cheek, 139, 162, 204. OE. cinn, OHG. chinni.
kiusan, sv. II, to choose, test, 51, 84, 104, 105, 129, 137, 175 note, 280, 302. OE. cosan, OHG. kiosan.
kniu, sn. knee, 9, 21, 105, 129, 134, 149, 150, 162, 189. OE. cno(w), OHG. knio.
knussjan, wv. I, to kneel; knussjan kniwam, to kneel.
kriustan, sv. II, to gnash with the teeth, grind the teeth, 302.
krusts, sf. gnashing.
kukjan, wv. I, to kiss. 318, 428.
*kumbjan, wv. I, see ana-kumbjan.
kumei, imper. arise!, Gr. κουμει.
kunds, pp. born, cp. Skr. jts, Lat. (g)ntus, born.
kuni, sn. race, generation, tribe, 115, 155, 162, 186, 187. OE. cyn(n), OHG. kunni.
kunnan, pret.-pres. to know, 335, 426. OE. cunnan, OHG. kunnan.
*kunnan, wv. III, see ga-kunnan.
kuna, pret. I knew, 335. OE. cue, OHG. konda.
kuni, sn. knowledge, 187.
kunjan, wv. I, to make known. OE. can, OHG. kunden, see ga-swi-kunjan.
kuns, pp. of kunnan, known, 340, 428; sm. acquaintance. OE. c, OHG. kund.
*kusts, sf. proof, test. OE. cyst, OHG. kust, choice, see ga-kusts.


kustus, sm. proof, test, trial, 203. OE. cyst, OHG. kust, choice.
lagga-mdei, wf. long-suffering, 389.
laggei, wf. length, 354, 383.
laggs, aj. long, 22, 132, 158, 166, 227. OE. OHG. lang.
lagjan, wv. I, to lay, lay down, set, place, 20, 158, 168, 318, 400; kniwa lagjan, to bend one's knees; gawari lagjan ana ara, to send peace on earth. OE. lecgan, OHG. leggen.
liba, sf. remnant, 192, 354. OE. lf, OHG. leiba.
*libjan (in bi-libjan), wv. I, to leave. OE. l;fan.
lagan, legion. Gr. λεγεων.
likan, sv. VII, to leap for joy, 313. OE. lcan, to play.
liks, sm. dance, dancing. OE. lc, OHG. leih.
lis, pret.-pres. I know, 122, 137, 333.
lisareis, sm. teacher, master, 122, 153, 185, 380. OHG. lrri.
liseigs, aj. teachable, 394.
liseins, sf. doctrine, teaching, 153 note, 200, 388.
lisjan, wv. I, to teach, 22, 137 note, 175 note, 320, 426. OE. l;ran, OHG. lren.
listjan, wv. I, to follow, follow after, 320. OE. l;tstan, OHG. leisten.
lists, sm. foot-print, track, step, 197. OE. lst, OHG. leist.
lamb, sn. lamb, sheep, 14, 161. OE. OHG. lamb.
land, sn. land, country; landis, over the land, far away, 427. OE. land, OHG. lant.


lasiws, aj. weak, feeble, 232.
lats, aj. slothful, lazy, 125, 227. OE. lt, OHG. la%.
lan, wv. II, to invite, call, 200, 325. OE. laian, OHG. ladn.
lans, sf. invitation, redemption, consolation, 200, 388.
*lauan, sv. VII, to revile, 313 note 4.
*lubjan, wv. I, see ga-lubjan.
lufs, sm. leaf, foliage, 180. OE. laf, OHG. loub.
lugnjan, wv. I, to deny, lie, 159. OE. legn(i)an, OHG. lougnen.
*lugns, aj. see ana-lugns.
lahatjan, wv. I, to lighten, 424. OHG. lohazzen.
lun, sn. pay, reward, 22, 182. OE. lan, OHG. ln.
luna-wargs, sm. an unthankful person, 389. OE. wearg, OHG. warch, criminal.
lus, aj. empty, 175, 226 note, 427. OE. las, OHG. ls.
lusa-wardei, wf. empty words, babbling, 389.
lusa-wards, aj. speaking loose words, talking vainly, 398.
lus-handus, aj. empty-handed, 34, 236, 389, 398.
lusjan, wv. I, to loose, deliver, free. OE. lesan, OHG. lsen.
lus-qirs, aj. fasting, with empty stomach.
*lus, aj. being grown up, see e-, jugga-, swa-laus.
*leiban, sv. I, see bi-leiban.
leian, sv. I, to lend, 48, 69, 88, 92, 128, 143, 247, 298, 428. OE. lon, lon, OHG. lhan.


leik, sn. body, flesh, corpse, 182. OE. lc, OHG. lh.
leikins, sf. liking, good pleasure.
leikan, wv. III, to please, 328. OE. lcian, OHG. lhhn.
*leikjan, wv. I, see silda-leikjan.
*leikn, wv. II, see ga-leikn.
-leiks, suffix, like, similar, equal. OE. -lc, OHG. -lh, see ga-, i-, ibna-, missa-, sama-, silda-, swa-leiks.
lein, sn. linen. OE. OHG. ln.
leitils, aj. little, small, 227, 245. O.Icel. ltell.
*leian, sv. I, to go, 137 note, 205 note. OE. lan, OHG. ldan, see af-leian.
leiu, sn. strong drink, 205 note. OE. l, OHG. Id.
lkeis, sm. physician, 185. OE. 1;ce, OHG. lchi.
lkinassus, sm. healing, 354, 381.
lkinn, wv. II, to heal, 425. OE. lcnian, l;cnian, OHG. lchinn.
ltan, sv. VII, to let, leave, permit, suffer, 10, 33, 124, 125, 314. OE. l;tan, OHG. l%an.
lw, sn. occasion, opportunity, 149, 189 note 2.
lwjan, wv. I, to betray, 149, 152. OE. l;wan, OHG. gi-lwen.
libins, sf. life, 200, 388.
liban, wv. III, to live, 161, 200, 328. OE. libban, OHG. lebn.
ligan, sv. V, to lie, lie down, 308 and note. OE. licgan, OHG. liggen.
ligrs, sm. bed, couch, 159, 180. OE. leger, OHG. legar.
*linnan, sv. III, see af-linnan.


lisan, sv. V, to gather, 138, 174, 292, 308. OE. OHG. lesan.
listeigs, aj. crafty, cunning, wily, 394. OHG. listg.
lists, sf. craftiness, 122, 199. OE. OHG. list, skill.
lius, sm. limb, 203. OE. li, OHG. lid.
liudan, sv. II, to grow, spring up, 302. OE. lodan.
liufs, aj. dear, beloved, 86, 122, 133, 226 note, 227, 428. OE. lof, OHG. liob.
*liug, sn., see ga-liug.
lingan, wv. III, to marry, 328.
liugan, sv. II, to lie, 302. OE. logan, OHG. liogan.
liuhadeins, aj. bright, shining, full of light.
liuha, sn. light, 86, 105, 182. OE. loht, OHG. lioht.
liuhtjan, wv. I, to give light, 63, 85, 105, 320. OE. lehtan, liuhten.
*liusan, sv. II, see fra-liusan.
liuta, wm. hypocrite, 208, 223.
liutei, wf. deceit, hypocrisy, 212, 383.
liuts, aj. hypocritical, 223.
liuareis, sm. singer, 380.
liun, wv. II, to sing. OE. loian; cp. OE. lo, OHG. liod, song.
lfa, wm. palm of the hand.
*lub, wf. love, 122; in comp. brru-lub, brotherly love.
ludja, sf. face, 192.
luftus, sm. air, 203. OE. lyft, OHG. luft.
*lkan, sv. II, to shut, close, 125. See ga-lkan. OE. lcan, OHG. lhhan.
lukarn, sn. light, candle. Lat. lucerna.
lukarna-staa, wm. candlestick, 208, 389.


*luknan, wv. IV, see ga-, us-luknan.
lun, sn. ransom.
lustn, wv. II, to desire, 325, 427. OE. lystan from *lustjan, OHG. lustn.
*lusts, sf., see fra-lusts.
lustus, sm. desire, lust, 203. OE. OHG. lust.
*magan, pret.-pres. to be able, 17, 138, 169, 337. OE. OHG. magan.
magaei, wf. virginity, maidenhood.
magas, sf. maid, 199. OE. mg(e), OHG. magad.
magula, wm. little boy, 208, 354.
magus, sm. boy, servant, 137, 293. OE. magu.
mahta, pret. I might, 337. OE. meahte, OHG. mahta.
mahteigs, aj. mighty, able, possible, 227, 394. OHG. mahtg.
mahts, sf. might, power, strength, virtue, miracle, 27, 138, 199, 354. OE. meaht, miht, OHG. maht.
mahts, aj. possible, 227.
midjan, wv. I, to falsify, 320. O.Icel. meia, to injure.
mahstus, sm. dunghill, 69. Cp. OE. meox, OHG. mist.
mambrana, wm. parchment, manuscript. Gr. μεμβρανα.
mis, av. more, rather, 345; mis u, more than, rather than; filu mis, much more; und filu mis, much more, so much the more; an filu ... mis amma, the more ... so much the more. OE. m, OHG. mr.
mist, av. at most, 256, 345. OHG. meist.
mists, aj. greatest, chief, 245. OE. m;sta, OHG. meisto.


mitan, sv. VII, to cut, hew, 313. OHG. mei%an.
mims, sm. gift, 22, 159, 180, 354. OE. mm, mum.
miza, aj. greater 30, 175, 245. OE. mara, OHG. mere.
malan, sv. VI, to grind, 310. OHG. malan.
malma, wm. sand, 208. OE. mealm.
mal, wf. moth.
*malwjan, wv. I, see ga-malwjan.
mammna, wm. mammon, riches. Gr. μαμωνα&circumflex;&finalsigma;.
man, pret.-pres. I think, 122, 336. OE. man.
managds, sf. abundance, 89 note, 354, 382.
managei, wf. multitude, crowd, 6, 87, 110, 210, 354, 429. OE. menigo, OHG. menig.
manag-fals, num. manyfold, 257, 389. OE. manig-feald, OHG. manag-falt.
manags, aj. much, great, many, 106, 169, 227, 243, 244. OE. manig, OHG. manag.
mana-ss, sf. mankind, world, multitude, 75, 122, 199, 389. OE. s;d, OHG. st, seed.
man-leika, wm. image, picture, 389. OE. man-lca, OHG. mana-lhho.
manna, wm. man, 31, 114, 158, 206, 209. OE. mann, OHG. man.
manna-hun, indef. pr. with the neg. particle ni, no one, 278.
manniskdus, sm. humanity, 354, 385.
mannisks, aj. human, of man, 33, 396. OE. OHG. mennisc.
manwia, sf. preparation; pl. necessary means, 384.
manwjan, wv. I, to prepare.


manwuba, av. in readiness 344.
manwus, aj. ready, 236.
marei, wf. sea, 212. OE. mere, OHG. meri.
mari-siws, sm. sea, 389. mari-, OE. mere, OHG. meri; siws, OE. s;, OHG. so.
marka, sf. boundary, border, coast. OE. mearc, OHG. marca.
marzjan, wv. I, to offend, hinder, cause to stumble. OE. mierran, OHG. merren.
mati-balgs, sm. meat-bag, wallet, scrip, 389.
matjan, wv. I, to eat feed, 318.
mats, sm. meat, food, 197. OE. mete, OHG. ma%.
maa, wm. worm. OE. maa, OHG. mado.
mal, sn. market, marketplace. OE. mel, meeting.
maljan, wv. I, to speak. OE. mlan, maelian.
margins, sm. morning, 180. OE. morgen, OHG. morgan.
*margjan, wv. I, see ga-margjan.
marnan, wv. III, to mourn, be anxious take care for, 328. OE. murnan, OHG. mornn.
marr, sn. murder, 182. OE. moror.
marrjan, wv. I, to murder, 320.
mawi (gen. mujos), sf. maiden, damsel, 104, 137, 149, 150, 194.
mawil, wf. young maiden, 211, 354. OE. meowle.
meins, poss. pr. my, 263, 264, 430. OE. OHG. mn.
ml, sn. time, hour season; pl. writings, Scriptures, 22, 158; ml gebaris, birthday. OE. m;l, OHG. ml.


mla, wm. bushel, measure.
mljan wv. I, to write, 320. OE. m;lan, OHG. mln, mln, to mark.
mna, wm. moon, 22, 43, 87, 158, 208. OE. mna, OHG. mno.
mns, m. month, 89, 219. OE. mna, OHG. mnd.
mria, sf. rumour, report, fame, 384. OE. m;r(o), OHG. mrida.
mrjan, wv. to preach, proclaim, 320. OE. m;ran, OHG. mren.
mrjands, m. proclaimer, 218.
*mrs, aj. known, famous. OE. m;re, OHG. mri.
ms, sn. table, dish, 77. OE. mse, OHG. mias, meas.
*mt, sn. measure, see us-mt.
midja-sweipins, sf. the flood, deluge, 389.
midjis, aj. middle, 60, 153 note, 173, 228, 430. OE. midd, OHG. mitti.
midjun-gards, sm. earth, world. OE. middan-geard, OHG. mitti-gart, mittin-gart.
*miduma, sf. midst; in midumi, in the midst.
midumnds, m. mediator, 218. Cp. OE. medemian, OHG. metemn, to fix, measure.
mikilaba, av. greatly, 344.
mikil-ds, sf. greatness, 199, 382.
mikilei, wf. greatness, 212, 383. OHG. mihhil.
mikiljan, wv. I, to make much of, praise, exalt, magnify, glorify, 153, 320, 400.
mikilnan, wv. IV, to be magnified, 331.
mikils, aj. great, 227, 245, 390. OE. micel, OHG. mihhil.


mikil-hts, aj. high-minded, proud, 397.
mildia, sf. mildness, kindness, 354, 384. OHG. miltida.
*milds, aj. see un-milds.
milhma, wm. cloud.
mili, sn. honey. Cp. Gr. μελι, gen. μελιτο&finalsigma;.
miluks, f. milk, 221. OE. meol(u)c, OHG. miluh.
mims (mimz), sn. flesh, meat, 175 note 1.
minnists, aj. least, smallest, 245. OHG. minnist.
minniza, aj. smaller, less, 139, 158 note, 245. OHG. minniro.
mins, av. less, 158 note, 345. OE. OHG. min.
missa-ds, sf. misdeed, sin, 199, 372. OE. mis-d;d, OHG. missi-tt.
missa-leiks, aj. different, various, 372, 391. OE. mis-lc, OHG. missi-lh.
missa-qiss, sf. discord, dissension, 372.
miss, av. reciprocally, the one the other, one to another; always with pers. pr. 344, 431.
mitan, sv. V, to measure, 122, 170, 307. OE. metan, OHG. me%%an.
mitas, sf. measure, bushel, 221.
mitn, wv. II, to consider, think, ponder 200, 325, 428.
mitns, sf. thought, considering, reasoning, 200.
mi, prep. c. dat. with, among, together with, through, by, near, 28, 350; mi tweihnim markm, amid the two boundaries, in the midst of the region; mi ushramjan, to crucify with; av. with. OE. mid, OHG. mit.


mi-gardi-waddjus, sf. partition wall, 373.
mi-ga-sina, wm. travelling companion, 373.
mi-skjan, wv. I, c. dat. to dispute.
mi-an-ei, cj. while, during, when, 5, 351.
mi-wissei, wf. conscience 373.
mizd, wf. reward, 22, 141, 175, 211. OE. meord.
mdags, aj. angry, wrathful, 227, 392, 428. OE. mdig, OHG. muotig, proud, brave.
mta, sf. custom, custom-house, 192. Cp. OHG. mta, Low Lat. mta.
*mtan, pret.-pres. to find room, 338.
mtareis, sm. toll-taker, publican, 185, 354, 380.
mta-stas, sm. toll-place, receipt of custom, 389.
*mtjan, wv. I, see ga-mtjan.
ms (mds), sm. anger, wrath. OE. md, OHG. muot, courage
mulda, sf. dust, 192. OE. molde, OHG. molta.
munan, wv. III, to consider, think, intend, 328. Cp. OE. mynnan, mynian, to intend.
munan, pret.-pres. to think, 336. OE. munan.
*munds, sf. 340, see ga-munds.
muns, sm. thought, intention, 122, 197.
muns, sm. mouth. OE. m, OHG. mund.
nadrs, sm. adder, viper. Cp. OE. n;d(d)re, OHG. ntara.
nahta-mats, sm. supper, evening meal, 389.
nahts, f. night, 18, 22, 128, 158, 164, 221, 346, 353, 427. OE. neaht, niht, OHG. naht.


niteins, sf. blasphemy.
*nitjan, wv. I, see ga-nitjan.
namnjan, wv. I, to name, 158 note, 320, 322, 400. OE. nemnan, OHG. nemnen.
nam, wn. name, 4, 22, 158 note, 214 note, 322. OE. nama, OHG. namo.
*nanjan, wv. I, see ana-nanjan.
naqas, aj. naked, 146, 163. OE. nacod, OHG. nachot.
nardus, sm. nard. Lat. nardus from Gr. ναρδο&finalsigma;, cp. OHG. narda, nartha.
naseins, sf. salvation, 153 note, 200.
nasjan, wv. I, to save, 87, 88, 89 note, 109, 114, 118, 137 note, 152, 153, 157, 173, 200, 240, 316, 317, 322, 400. OE. nerien, OHG. nerren, nerien.
nasjands, m. saviour, 218, 379. OE. ner(i)gend.
nati, sn. net, 187. OE. nett, OHG. nezzi.
natjan, wv. I, to make wet, wet, 318. OHG. nezzen.
nudi-bandi, sf. chain, fetter, 389.
nadi-arfts, aj. necessary, 397.
nah, av. still, yet; ni nah or nah ni, not yet, not as yet. OHG. noh.
*nahan, pret.-pres., see bi-nah.
nah-anu, av. still yet.
nahu-an, av. and also.
nus, sm. corpse, 150, 196 note 1. Cp. OE. dryht-n, dead body of a warrior.
nujan, wv. I, to force, compel. OE. nedan, OHG. nten.
nus, sf. need, 199. OE. nad, ned, OHG. nt.


n, av. nay, no, 349.
n, av. near, close by, 19, 143. OE. nah, OHG. nh.
na, prep. c. dat. nigh to, near; av. near, 350. OHG. nho.
nis, av. nearer, 345.
njan sik, wv. I, to approach, draw near. OHG. nhen.
nundja, wm. neighbour, 208.
nei, sn. envy, hatred. OE. n, OHG. nd.
neiwan, sv. I, to be angry.
nla, sf. needle, 192. OE. n;dl, OHG. ndala.
ni, av. neg. not, 265 note 1, 349, 427; nist = ni ist; ni ... ak, not ... but; ni alja ... alja, not other ... than; ni ... ni or nih, neither ... nor, 351; ni anamis or anaseis, no longer, no more; ni atainei ... ak jah, not only ... but also; ni inshun, no one, no, none, 427; ni iw, never, 347; ni allis, not at all, 427.
nibi, niba, cj. unless, except, if ... not, 351. OHG. nibu.
nidwa, sf. rust, 149, 192.
nih, cj. and not, not even, 351; nih ... nih, neither ... nor; nih ... ak jah, neither ... but also, 351 OHG. noh.
niman, sv. IV, to take, take away, receive, accept, 5, 10, 11, 22, 33, 65, 68, 70, 87, 88, 89 note, 91, 93, 95, 106, 107, 108, 110, 112, 114, 115, 120, 124, 158, 175, 239, 240, 241, 242, 282, 286, 287, 288, 289, 292, 293, 295, 296, 297, 305; mi niman, to receive, accept. OE. niman, OHG. neman.
*nipnan, wv. IV, see ga-nipnan.
*nisan, sv. V, see ga-nisan.
nist = ni ist.


nian, sv. V, to help, 308.
nijis, sm. kinsman, 185, 211. Cp. OE. nias, men.
nij, wf. female cousin.
niu, interrogative particle, not = Lat. nonne, 349; niu iw, never.
*niujan, wv. I, see ana-niujan.
niuja-satis, sm. novice, 389.
niujis, aj. new, young, 20, 85, 105, 229, 238. OE. newe, nwe, OHG. niuwi, niuui.
niujia, sf. newness, 354, 384.
niu-klahs, aj. under age, young, childish, 393.
niun, num. nine, 22, 247, 252. OE. nigon, OHG. niun.
niunda, num. ninth, 253. OE. nigoa, OHG. niunto.
niunthund, num. ninety, 247.
niutan, sv. II, to enjoy, 302, 427. OE. notan. OHG. nio%an.
ni wahts, nothing, naught, 427. See wahts.
nta, wm. stern of a ship, 208.
nu, av. now, so, consequently, 347; aj. present, existing; subs. present time; nu, nunu, nuh, av. and cj. therefore, 351.
nuh, interrogative particle, then, 73 note, 349, 351.
nuta, wm. fisher, catcher of fishes, 208, 354.
*nuts (in un-nuts), aj. useful. OE. nytt, OHG. nuzzi.
, interj. O! oh!
*gan, pret.-pres. to fear, 7, 169, 428.
gjan, wv. I, to terrify, 7, 320.
-ni-, suffix, 388.
sanna, hosanna. Gr. ω&breathless;σαννα.
-u-, suffix, 385.
pida, sf. coat, 23, 160. OE. pd, OHG. pfeit.


parakltus, sm. comforter. Gr. *παρακλητο&finalsigma;.
paraskaw, the day of the preparation. Gr. παρασκευη.
paska, sf. indeclinable, feast of the passover, paschal feast. Gr. πασχα.
parpura, sf. purple. Gr. πορφυρα.
peika-bagms, sm. palm-tree.
pistikeins, aj. genuine, pure. Gr. πιστικο&finalsigma; with Goth. suffix -eins.
plapja, sf. street; only occurs once (Matth. vi. 5), and is probably a scribal error for *platja from Lat. platea, 192.
plats, sm. patch, piece of cloth. O.Bulgarian platu&short;.
plinsjan, wv. I, to dance, 23, 160. O.Bulgarian ple,sati.
*praggan, sv. VII, see ana-praggan.
praitrian, Pretorium. Gr. πραιτωπιον.
prafteis, fem. prophetess. Gr. *προφη&circumflex;τι&finalsigma;.
praftjan, wv. I, to prophesy.
praftus, prafts, sm. prophet. Gr. προφητη&finalsigma;.
pund, sn. pound, 23, 160. OE. pund, OHG. pfunt, Lat. pond.
qinn, wv. II, to weep, mourn, lament. OE. cwnian.
qarrei, wf. meekness. 236. aj. gentle, O.Icel. kwirr.
qns (qeins), sf. wife, woman, 5, 24, 97, 122, 163, 199. OE. cwn.
qiman, sv. IV, to come, arrive, 24, 122, 129, 134, 146, 163, 306, 436. OE. cuman, OHG. queman.
qina-kunds, aj. female, 397.


qineins, aj. female; neut. foolish woman, 395.
qin, wf. woman, wife, 122, 129, 211. OE. cwene, OHG. quena.
*qiss, sf. a saying, speech, see ga-qiss, and cp. qian.
qian, sv. V, to say, tell, name, speak, 138, 163, 171, 286 note 3, 307, 426; ubil qian, to speak evil of one; wala qian, to speak well of, praise. OE. cwean, OHG. quedan.
qiu-hafts, aj. pregnant; qiu-haft, fem. used as sb., a woman being with child.
qius, sm. body, womb. OE. cwia, cwi.
*qiujan, wv. I, see ga-qiujan.
*qiunan, wv. IV, see ga-qiunan.
qius, aj. alive, quick, living, 105, 129, 149, 232.
qums, sm. advent, 196 note 2, 354. OE. cyme, OHG. -kumi.
rabbei, master, teacher. Gr. ρ&breathy;αββι.
ragin, sn. opinion, judgment, decree. Cp. OE. reg(e)n-weard, mighty guardian.
ragineis, sm. counsellor, governor, 153, 185.
raginn, wv. II, to be ruler, 425. OE. regnian, to arrange.
rahnjan, wv. I, to count, reckon, number, 426.
ridjan, wv. I, to determine, fix, order, appoint. Cp. OE. rdian.
rahtaba, av. rightly, straight-way, 344.
rahtis, cj. for, because, 351; av. for, still, then, however, indeed, 346, 427.


raihts, aj. right, straight, 25, 67, 128, 158, 227, 390. OE. reoht, riht, OHG. reht.
*rips, sm. see skuda-rips.
*risjan, wv. I, to raise, 320, 420, see ur-risjan, OE. r;ran.
ris, aj. see ga-ris.
rakjan, wv. I, see uf-rakjan.
*rannjan, wv. I, to cause to run, 122, see ur-rannjan.
raiz, aj. easier, 428.
rajan, sv. VI, see ga-rajan.
raj, wf. number, account, 125, 211. OHG. redia.
rupjan, wv. I, to pull out, pluck. OE. repan, OHG. rouffen.
rus, sn. reed. OHG. rr.
rus, aj. red, 52, 84, 133, 158. OE. rad, OHG. rt.
razda, sf. language, speech, OE. reord, OHG. rarta.
razn, sn. house, 158, 159. OE. rn, rn.
*rdan, sv. VII, to counsel, deliberate, 25, 125, 311 see ga-rdan. OE. r;dan, OHG. rtan.
reiki, sn. rule, power, kingdom, 187. OE. rce, OHG. rhhi.
reikinn, wv. II, to rule, govern, 33, 325, 425.
reiks, aj. mighty, powerful; superl. reikista, the mightiest, prince. Cp. OE. rce, OHG. rhhi.
reiks, m. ruler, prince, 219.
reiran, wv. III, to tremble, 328.
reir, wf. trembling.
*reisan, sv. I, to rise; see ur-reisan. OE. OHG. rsan.
rign, sn. rain, 168. OE. regn, OHG. regan.
rikan, sv. V, to heap up, 308.
rinnan, sv. III, to run, hasten, 22, 122, 139, 158, 304. OE. rinnan, iernan, OHG. rinnan.


riqis, riqiz, sn. darkness, 24, 125, 163, 175 note 1, 182.
riqizeins, aj. dark.
riqizjan, wv. I, to become dark, be darkened.
rdjan, wv. I, to speak, 320, 428.
rhsns, sf. hall.
rms, sm. room, space, 82, 102. OE. OHG. rum.
rna, sf. secret, mystery, 192. OE. rn, OHG. rna.
runs, sm. running, issue, course, 122; run gawarkjan sis, to rush violently. OE. ryne.
sa (fem. s, neut. ata), dem. pr. this, that; pers. pr. he; def. art. the, 49, 87 and note, 89 and note, 114, 120, 175, 265.
sabbat, indeclinable, Sabbath; sabbatus, sm. Sabbath; pl. fluctuates between i- and u- declension. Gr. σαββατον, σαββατο&finalsigma;.
sa-ei, rel. pr. who, he who, which, 271.
saggws, sm. song, music, 197, 354. OE. OHG. sang.
sagqjan (saggqjan), wv. I, to sink, go down. OE. sencan, OHG. senken.
sagqs (saggqs), sm. sinking, going down (of the sun), hence West, 354.
sah (fem. sh, neut. atuh), dem. pr. that, this, 266.
sa-az-uh saei or izei, indef. pr. whosoever, 276.
si, interj. see! lo! behold! OHG. se, s-nu.
saian (saijan), sv. VII, to sow, 7, 10, 76, 98, 100, 122, 124, 314 and note. OE. swan, OHG. sen, swen.


saiands, pres. part. one sowing, sower.
saihs, num. six, 247. OE. siex, six, OHG. sehs.
saihsta, num. sixth, 244, 253. OE. siexta, sixta, OHG. sehsto.
saihs tigjus, num. sixty, 247.
saian, sv. V, to see, take heed, 10, 19, 34, 67, 92, 124, 137, 143, 165 note, 307. OE. son, OHG. sehan.
siwala, sf. soul, spirit, life, 102. OE. swol, swl, OHG. sula, sla.
siws, sm. sea, lake, 197. OE. s;, OHG. so.
sakan, sv. VII, to rebuke, dispute, strive, 310. OE. sacan, OHG. sahhan.
sakj, wf. strife, 211.
sakkus, sm. sackcloth, 203. OE. scc, OHG. sac, Lat. saccus, Gr. σακκο&finalsigma;.
salbn, wv. II, to anoint, 14, 89 note, 111, 161, 200, 240, 323, 324. OE. sealfian, OHG. salbn.
salbns, sf. ointment, 200.
saliws, sf. pl. dwelling, abode, mansion, guest-chamber, 387. OHG. selida.
saljan, wv. I, to dwell, abide, remain.
saljan, wv. I, to bring an offering, sacrifice. OE. sellan, OHG. sellen, to surrender.
salt, sn. salt, 36, 158. OE. sealt, OHG. salz.
saltan, sv. VII, to salt, 313 note 1. OHG. salzan.
sama, pr. same, 26, 269, 340. OHG. same.
sama-leik, av. likewise, in like manner, equally. OE. sam-lce, together.


sama-leiks, aj. alike, agreeing together. OHG. sama-lh.
samana, av. together, in the same place, one with another. OE. samen, OHG. saman.
sama, av. to the same place, together, 348. OE. samod, OHG. samit.
sandjan, wv. I, to send, 174. OE. sendan, OHG. senten.
satjan, wv. I, to set, put, place, 318, 400. OE. settan, OHG. sezzen.
sas, aj. full, satisfied, 122, 227; sas waran, to be filled, be full. OE. sd, OHG. sat.
sahts, sf. sickness, disease, 73, 122, 199, 354. OE. OHG. suht.
sauil, sn. sun, 80. OE. sl.
sarga, sf. care, grief, sorrow, 192. OE. sorg, OHG. sorga.
sargan, wv. III, to sorrow, trouble, take thought, 328. OE. sorgian, OHG. sorgn.
sus, sm. sacrifice, burnt-offering, 197.
sei, rel. pr. fern. who, which, 271 note 3.
sein (seina), poss. pr. its, 264.
seins, poss. pr. his, 78, 99, 263. OE. OHG. sn.
*seis, av. see ana-seis.
seius, aj. late 236. OE. s, OHG. sd, av.
sls, aj. good, kind, 234. Cp. OE. s;llic, OHG. slg, happy.
*ss, sf. see mana-ss.
si, pers. pr. she, 152, 260, 261. OHG. s.
sibja, sf. relationship, 192. OE. sibb, OHG. sibba.
sibun, num. seven, 14, 26, 87, 136, 161, 174, 247, 258. OE. seofon, OHG. sibun.


sibunthund, num. seventy, 247.
sidn, wv. II, to practise, 325. OHG. sitn.
sidus, sm. custom, habit, 203. OE. sidu, OHG. situ.
sifan, wv. III, to rejoice, be glad, 328.
siggwan, sv. III, to sing, read, 17, 146, 149, 304. OE. OHG. singan.
sigis, sn. victor. OE. sige, sigor, OHG. sigu.
sigis-lun, sn. the reward or crown of victory, prize, 304.
sigljan, wv. I, to seal. Lat. sigillre.
siglj, wn. seal, 22, 214. Low Lat. sigillo.
sigqan, sv. III, to sink, go down. 17, 24, 146, 158, 163, 304. OE. sincan, OHG. sinkan.
sihu, sn. victory, 205 note.
siju, I may be, 342.
sijum, we are, 342.
sik, refl. pr. oneself, 261, 262; gen. seina; dat. sis. OHG. sih.
*silan, wv. III, see ana-silan.
silba, pr. self, 161, 269, 430. OE. self, OHG. selb.
silba-wiljis, aj. willing of oneself, 397.
silda-leikjan, wv. I, to marvel, wonder, be astonished.
silda-leiks, aj. wonderful. OE. seld-lic, sellic.
silubr, sn. silver, 182. OE. seolfor, OHG. silabar, silber.
silubreins, aj. silver.
siml, av. once, at one time, 344. OE. sim(b)le, OHG. simbles, always.
sinaps, sm. or sinap, sn. mustard. OE. senep, OHG. senaf, Lat. sinpi, Gr. σινα&long;πι.


sind, they are, 342. OE. sindon, sind, sint, OHG. sint.
sineigs, aj. old, 110, 227, 245, 394.
sinista, aj. oldest; an elder, 245.
sintein, av. always, ever, continually, 344.
sinteins, aj. daily.
*sins, sm. time, lit. a going, 258. OE. s, OHG. sind.
sipneis, sm. pupil, disciple, 185.
sipnjan, wv. I, to be a disciple, 320.
sitan, sv. V, to sit, 34, 75, 97, 174, 308 and note. OE. sittan, OHG. sizzen.
sitls, sm. seat, chair, nest, 159, 180. OE. setl, OHG. se%%al.
siujan, wv. I, to sew, 319. OE. sowan, sowan, OHG. siuwen.
siukan, sv. II, to be sick, be ill, 302.
siukei, wf. sickness, weakness, infirmity, 354, 383.
siuks, aj. sick, ill, diseased, 122, 227, 390. OE. soc, OHG. sioh.
siuns, sf. sight, appearance, 105, 137, 150, 199. OE. sen.
*siuns, aj., see ana-siuns.
skaban, sv. VI, to shave, 310. OE. scafan, OHG. skaban.
skadus, sm. shade, shadow, 116, 150, 203. OE. sceada, OHG. scato.
*skadwjan, wv. I, to cast a shade or shadow, 29. See ufar-skadwjan.
skaftjan, wv. I, to make ready, prepare.
skidan, sv. VII, to divide, sever, separate, put asunder, 47, 130, 312 note, 313. OE. sc(e)dan, OHG. skeidan.
skal, pret.-pres. I shall, 158, 336. OE. sceal, OHG. skal.
skalkinassus, sm. service, 381.
skalkinn, wv. II, to serve, 325, 425.
skalks, sm. servant, 162, 180, 425. OE. scealc, OHG. skalk.
skaman sik, wv. III, to be ashamed, be ashamed of, 139, 328, 427. OE. scamian, OHG. scamn.
skanda, sf. shame, 139. OE. sc(e)and, OHG. scanta.
*skapjan, sv. VI, to shape, make, 138, 160. See ga-skapjan.
skattja, wm. money-changer.
skatts, sm. money, coin, penny. OE. sceatt, OHG. scaz; O. Bulgarian skotu&short;, cattle.
skajan, sv. VI, to injure, 130, 310. OE. scean, OHG. skadn.
skuda-rips, sm. leather thong, shoe-latchet. OE. rp, OHG. reif, rope.
skuns, aj. beautiful, 234. OE. scene, OHG. scni.
skuts, sm. the hem of a garment, OE. scat, OHG. sc%.
*skawjan, wv. I, see us-skaw-jan
skeinan, sv. I, to shine, 128, 300. OE. scnan, OHG. sknan.
*skeirjan, wv. I, see ga-skeirjan.
skeirs, aj. clear, 175, 234. OE. scr.
skwjan, wv. I, to walk, go, go along.
skildus, sm. shield, 203. OE. scield, OHG. skilt.
skip, sn. ship, 23, 160, 182. OE. scip, OHG. scif.
*skiuban, sv. II, see af-skiuban.
skhs, sm. shoe. OE. sch, sc, OHG. scuoh.


skhsl, sn. evil spirit, demon.
*skreitan, sv. I, see dis-skreitan.
*skritnan, wv. IV, see dis-skritnan.
skuft, sn. the hair of the head. O.Icel. skopt.
skuggwa, wm. mirror, 151, 208. OE. scwa, OHG. scwo, shadow.
skula, aj. owing, in debt, guilty, 428; wm. debtor, 208, 354. OE. ge-scola, OHG. scola.
*skulan, pret.-pres. to owe, to be about to be, shall, to be one's duty, to be obliged, must, 22, 336, 432; skulds ist, it is lawful, 336, 340, 400, 428. OE. OHG. sculan.
skra, sf. shower; skra windis, storm. OE. OHG. scr.
slahan, sv. VI, to smite, strike, beat, hit, 124, 125, 137, 138, 143, 292, 309. OE. slan, OHG. slahan.
slahs, sm. stroke, stripe, plague. OE. slege, OHG. slag.
slalhts, aj. smooth. OHG. sleht.
slahts, sf. slaughter, 125, 199, 354.
*slunan, wv. IV, see af-slunan.
slawan, wv. III, to be silent, be still, 149, 328.
sleideis (or ? sleis), aj. fierce, dangerous, perilous. OE. sle.
slpan, sv. VII, to sleep, fall asleep, 5, 23, 97, 129, 160, 174, 313. OE. sl;pan, OHG. slfan.
*slindan, sv. III, see fra-slindan.
sliupan, sv. II, to slip, 129, 302. OE. slpan, OHG. slioffan.
smakka, wm. fig, 208.


smakka-bagms, sm. fig-tree.
smals, aj. small, 227. OE. sml, OHG. smal.
*smeitan, sv. I, see ga-smeitan.
smyrn, sn. myrrh; wein mi smyrna, wine mingled with myrrh. Gr. σμυρνα.
snaga, wm. garment, 208.
sniws, sm. snow, 29, 137, 149, 188 note. OE. snw, OHG. sno.
sneian, sv. I, to cut, reap 137, 299. OE. snan, OHG. sndan.
sniumjan, wv. I, to hasten, 320. Cp. OE. snome, OHG. sniumo, quickly.
sniumund, av. with haste, quickly 344; comp. sniumunds, with more haste, 345.
sniwan, sv. V, to hasten, 104, 149, 150, 307. OE. snowan.
snutrs, aj. wise, 227. OE. snot(t)or, OHG. snottar.
skareis, sm. disputer, 380.
skjan, wv. I, to seek, desire, long for, question with, dispute, 7, 110, 118, 152, 153, 154, 157, 162, 283, 316, 317, 322; skjan samana, to reason together, to discuss. OE. scan, OHG. suohhen.
skns, sf. search, inquiry, 199.
*sojan, wv. I, see ga-sojan.
spakultur, m. spy, executioner. Lat. speculator, Gr. σπεκουλατωρ.
sparwa, wm. sparrow, 149, 208. OE. spearwa, OHG. sparo
spards, aj. stadium, furlong, race-course, 221. OE. spyrd, OHG. spurt.
spdumists, aj. last, 246.
*sps, aj. late. OHG. spti.
speiwan, sv. I, to spit, 5, 128, 300. OE. OHG. spwan.


spill, sn. fable, story. OE. spell, OHG. spel.
spilln, wv. II, to narrate, relate, bring tidings of, 325. OE. spellian.
spinnan, sv. III, to spin, 304. OE. OHG. spinnan.
sprut, av. quickly, soon, 344.
spyreida, wm. large basket. Gr. σπυρι&finalsigma;, gen. σπυριδο&finalsigma;, fish-basket.
stiga, sf. path, way. Cp. OE. stg, OHG. stga.
stinahs, aj. stony, 393. OE. st;nig, OHG. steinag.
stineins, aj. of stone, stony, 395. OE. st;nen.
stins, sm. stone, rock, 10, 83, 87 note 1, 103, 180, 353; stinam warpan, to stone. OE. stn, OHG. stein.
starn, wm. star, 211. OHG. stern, sterno.
*staldan, sv. VII, see ga-staldan.
stamms, aj. stammering, with an impediment in the speech. OE. stamm, OHG. stam.
standan, sv. VI, to stand, stand firm, 310. OE. standan, OHG. stantan.
stas (gen. stadis), sm. place, neighbourhood, 41, 197, 354; jinis stadis, unto the other side (of the lake), eι&breathless;&finalsigma; τo` περαν. OE. stede, OHG. stat.
stas (gen. stais), sm. land, shore. OE. st, OHG. stad.
staua, wm. judge, 80, 101, 208, 223.
staua, sf. judgment, 11, 80, 192. Cp. OHG. sta-tago, the day ofjudgment.
staua-stls, sm. the judgment-seat, 389.
*starknan, wv. IV, see ga-starknan.


starran, wv. III, see and-starran.
stutan, sv. VII, to smite, push, 313 note 5. OHG. st%an.
steigan, sv. I, to ascend, mount up, 17, 48, 78, 83, 99, 103, 124, 128, 133, 168, 300. OE. OHG. stgan.
stibna, sf. voice, 158 note, 192. OE. stemn, stefn. OHG. stemna, stimna, stimma.
stigqan, sv. III, to thrust, push, make war, 304.
stikls, sm. cup, 354. OHG. stechal.
stiks, sm. point, moment; stiks mlis, a moment of time. OE. stice, OHG. stih.
stilan, sv. IV, to steal, 66, 306. OE. OHG. stelan.
stiur, sm. steer, calf. OE. stor, OHG. stior.
stiurjan, wv. I, to establish, 85. OE. steran, OHG. stiuren, to steer.
stdjan, wv. I, see ana-*stdjan.
stjan, wv. I, to judge, 80, 81, 100, 101, 152, 153, 316, 317. Cp. OE. stwian, OHG. stouwen, to restrain.
*strujan, wv. I, to strew, spread, spread (with carpets), furnish, 319. OE. strowian, OHG. strouwen, strewen.
striks, sm. stroke, title, 199. OHG. strih.
sulj, wf. sole of a shoe. Lat. solea.
sums, indef. pr. some one, a certain one, 53, 277, 427, 430; sums ... sums, the one ... the other; nom. pl. sumi(h) ... sumih, some ... and others. OE. OHG. sum.
sundro, av. alone, asunder, apart, privately, 344. OE. sundor, OHG. suntar.


sunja, sf. truth; bi sunji truly, verily.
sunjaba, av. truly, 344.
sunjeins, aj. true, veritable.
sunjis, aj. true, 229.
sunjn, wv. II, to justify, 200, 325.
sunjns, sf. a verifying, defence, 200.
sunna, wm. sun. OE. sunna, OHG. sunno.
sunn, wf. or wn. sun. OE. sunne, OHG. sunna.
suns, av. soon, at once, immediately; suns-iw, av. immediately, straightway; suns-ei, cj. as soon as, 351.
sunus, sm. son, 8, 72, 87 and note 3, 88, 90 and note, 107, 108, 113, 116, 121, 122, 150, 158, 202. OE. OHG. sunu.
supn, wv. II, to season, 7. OHG. soffn.
su&shortorlong;ts, aj. sweet, patient, peaceable, tolerable, 234, 243, 244. OE. swte, OHG. suo%i.
sujn, wv. II, or sujan, wv. I to itch, tickle.
swa, swah, av. so, just so, also, thus. OE. sw.
swa-ei, swa-sw, cj. so that. so as, 351.
swahra, wm. father-in-law, 136, 208. OE. swor, swehor, OHG. swehur.
swahr, wf. mother-in-law, 211.
*swarban, sv. III, to wipe, 14, 161, see af-swarban.
swa-lus, pr. so great, 274.
swa-leiks, pr. such, 274, 430. OE. swelc, swylc, OHG. solh.
swamms, sm. sponge. OE. swamm.
swaran, sv. VI, to swear, 158, 310 and note. OE. swerian, OHG. swerren, swerien.


swar, av. without a cause, in vain.
swarts, aj. black, 227. OE. sweart, OHG. swarz.
swa-sw, av. even as, just as; cj. so that, 351.
sw, av. and cj. like, as, just as, so that, about, 5, 351; sw ... swa, as ... so; sw ... jah, or swa jah, or swah, like, ... so too.
sweiban, sv. I, to cease, 161, 300. O.Icel. svfa.
swein, sn. swine, pig, 6, 44, 78, 99. OE. OHG. swn.
swran, wv. III, to honour, 328.
swrei, wf. honour.
swria, sf. honour, 384.
swrs, aj. honoured, 175, 227, 428. OE. sw;r, OHG. swr, heavy.
sws, aj. one's own; as sb., possession, property. OE. sw;s, OHG. sws.
sw-uh, av. yet, indeed, however, 351.
swiglja, wm. piper, 208.
swigln, wv. II, to play the flute, 325. OE. swegaln.
swiknia, sf. purity, pureness, chastity, 384.
swi-kunaba, av. openly, manifestly.
swi-kuns, aj. manifest, evident, open, 428; swikuns waran, to become or be made manifest, φανερo`&finalsigma; γιγνεσθαι.
swiltan, sv. III, to die 146, 301. OE. sweltan.
swinei, wf. strength, power, might, 383.
swinnan, wv. IV, to grow strong.


swins, aj. strong, sound, healthy, 227, 243. OE. sw.
swistar, f. sister, 29, 66, 93, 147, 149, 216. OE. sweostor, OHG. swestar.
swgatjan, wv. I, to sigh, 320, 424.
*swgjan, wv. I, see ga-swgjan.
synagga-fas, sm. ruler of the synagogue.
synagg, f. synagogue, 2 note 3. Gr. συναγωγη.
tagl, sn. hair, 17, 22, 159, 182, OE. tgl, OHG. zagel, tail
tagr, sn. tear, 17, 25, 91, 159, 168, 170, 182, 354. OE. tar, teagor, OHG. zahar.
tahjan, wv. I, to tear, rend.
tahswa, sf. the right hand. OHG. zesawa.
tahswa, w. aj. right; wf. tahsw, the right hand, 29, 149. OHG. zeso.
tahun, num. ten, 10, 27, 67, 87, 92, 128, 129, 136, 164, 247, 252. OE. ten, OHG. zehan.
tahunda, num. tenth, 253. OE. toa, OHG. zehanto.
tahuntahund-fals, num. hundredfold, 257.
tahunthund, tahuntahund, num. hundred, 247, 427
tiknjan, wv. I, to betoken, point out, show. OE. t;cnan, OHG. zeihhanen.
tikns, sf. token, sign, wonder, miracle, 22, 159, 199. OE. tcn, OHG. zeihhan.
tinj, wf. a basket of twigs, basket. OHG. zeina.
tins, sm. twig, sprig, branch, OE. tn, OHG. zein.
*taran, sv. IV, see ga-, dis-taran.


taleia, maid, damsel. Gr. ταλιθα.
talzeins, sf. instruction.
talzjan, wv. I, to instruct, teach, 175.
talzjands, m. teacher, 218.
*tamjan, wv. I, to tame, 170, see ga-tamjan.
tandjan, wv. I, to light, kindle. OE. on-tendan.
taui, sn. deed, work, 11, 80, 81, 187.
tujan, wv. I, to do, make, 104, 149, 150, 319, 426. OHG. zouwen.
*tarnan, wv. IV, see af-tarnan.
*teihan, sv. I, see ga-teihan.
tkan, sv. VII, to touch, 282, 314, 428. Cp. O.Icel. taka (pret. tk), to take.
*tigus, sm. decade, 136, 247. OE. -tig.
tiln, wv. II, see ga-tiln.
*tils, aj. fit, suitable, 227. OE. til, see ga-tils.
*timan, sv. IV, see ga-timan.
timrja, wm. carpenter, builder, 159, 208.
timrjan (timbrjan), wv. I, to build, 159. OE. timbran, OHG. zimbren. Cp. OE. timber, OHG. zimbar, timber.
tiuhan, sv. II, to lead, draw, guide, 51, 71, 73, 86, 94, 124, 128, 129, 137, 301. OE. ton, OHG. ziohan.
trauan, wv. III, to trust, 11, 80, 328 and notes 1, 2. OE. trwian, OHG. trn, trwn.
triggwa, sf. covenant, 151, 192. OE. trow, OHG. triuwa.
triggwaba, av. truly, assuredly, 151.
triggws, aj. true, faithful, 17, 151, 232. Cp. OE. ge-trewe, OHG. gi-triuwi.


trimpan, sv. III, see ana-trimpan.
triu, sn. tree, wood, staff, 9, 150, 189 note 1. OE. tro(w).
triweins, aj. wooden, 395.
trudan, sv. IV, to tread, 125, 280, 306 and note. Cp. OE. tredan, OHG. tretan.
tugg, wf. tongue, 87, 89, 111, 119, 166, 170, 206, 210. OE. tunge, OHG. zunga.
tulgus, aj. firm, fast, 167, 236.
tundnan, wv. IV, to take fire. 331. Cp. OHG. zuntn.
tunus, sm. tooth, 27, 203. Cp. OE. t, OHG. zan(d).
tuz-wrjan, wv. I, to doubt, 418. Cp. OHG. zur-wri, suspicious; OE. w;r, OHG. wr, true.
twaddj, see 156, 250. OE. twg(e)a, OHG. zweio.
twi (fem. tws, neut. twa), num. two, 10, 149, 170, 247, 250, 256, 258; masc. OE. twgen, OHG. zwne; fem. OE. tw, OHG. zw (zw), neut. OE. tw, t, OHG. zwei.
twi tigjus, num. twenty, 247.
twalib-wintrus, aj. twelve years old, 34, 236.
twalif, num. twelve, 149, 247, 252. OE. twelf, OHG. zwelif.
tweihni, num. two each, 256. Cp. OE. be-twonum, between.
ad-ei, av. whither, where, wheresoever.
agkjan, wv. I, to think, meditate, consider, 17, 28, 59, 96, 142, 158, 171, 321, 428. OE. encan, OHG. denken.


ahan, wv. III, to be silent, hold one's peace, 328. OHG. dagn.
h, wf. clay, 4, 74, 211. OE. , OHG. dha.
hta, pret. I thought, 321. OE. hte, OHG. dhta.
arh, prep. c. acc. through, by, by means of, on account of, 171, 350.
arh-baran, sv. IV, to bear through, carry through, 419.
arh-gaggan, sv. VII, to go or come through, 419.
arh-leian, sv. I, to go through.
arh-saan, sv. V, to see through, 419.
arh-wakan, sv. VI, to keep watch, 165 note.
arh-wisan, sv. V, to remain, 419.
ark, wn. a hole through anything, 214; ark nls, the eye of a needle.
*arsan, sv. III, to be withered or parched, 122, see ga-arsan.
an, rel. particle, when, as, then, as long as, 347; dem. (never stands first), then, at that time, thereupon; cj. but, indeed, and, however, therefore, as long as, 351. OE. an, on.
ana-mis, av. still, further.
ana-seis, av. further, more, still; with neg. no more, no longer. OE. s, OHG. sd.
and, cj. if, because, since, when, as long as, until, until that, 351
*anjan, wv. I, see uf-anjan.
an-nu, an-uh, cj. therefore, then, so, for, 351.
ar, av. there, 345.
arba, wm. a needy one, pauper, beggar.


arba, sf. poverty, need, want, 354. OE. earf, OHG. darba.
*arban, wv. III, see ga-arban.
ar-ei, av. where.
arf, pret.-pres. I need, 137, 335. OE. earf, OHG. darf.
ar-uh, cj. therefore, but, and, 351; av. there, now.
ata, pr. neut. that, this, the, 262, 265 note 2. OE. t, OHG. da%.
ata-ah, ei, pr. whatsoever, 276.
at-in-ei, av. only.
at-ei, neut. of rel. pr., as cj. that, because, if, 271 note 1, 351.
ar, av. thence, from there, 89, 348.
a-rh, av. afterwards, thence.
u, uh, cj. and av. after a comp., also after a pos. standing for the comp., than: g us ist ... u (καλον σοι ε&breathless;στιν ... η&breathless;&accent;), it is better for thee ... than; introducing the second part of a disjunctive interrogation, or; u niu, or not; after an interrog. pr., then, in that case; still, perhaps, 349, 351.
uh-jabi, cj. even though, 351.
arban, pret.-pres. to need, be in want, lack, 292, 335, 427. OE. urfan, OHG. durfan.
arfts, aj. needy, necessary, 335.
arfts, sf. need, necessity, 199. OHG. durft.
arneins, aj. thorny, 395. OE. yrnen, OHG. dornn.
arnus, sm. thorn, 171, 203. OE. orn, OHG. dorn.
arp, sn. field, 129. OE. orp, OHG. dorf, village.
arsjan, wv. I, to thirst, 320, 426.


*arsnan, wv. IV, to become dry, 122, see ga-arsnan.
arstei, wf. thirst, 212. OE. yrst, OHG. durst.
arsus, aj. withered, 122, Cp. OE. yrre, OHG. durri.
-ei, cj. that, because that, for that, 265 note 1, 351; ni -ei, not because.
ei, cj. that, so that; rel. part. that, as; used with saazuh, isaduh, isah, ataah, where it gives the force of a relative, 265 note 1, 351.
eihan, sv. I, to thrive, prosper, increase, 60, 92, 124, 142, 164, 300. OE. on, OHG. dhan.
ei, wf. thunder, 211.
eins, poss. pr. thy, 263, 430. OE. n, OHG. dn.
*insan, sv. III, see at-insan.
is-hun, av. chiefly, especially.
is-aduh, adei, av. whithersoever.
is-ah, pr. whatsoever, whatever, 276.
is-aruh, av. wheresoever.
is-az-uh sa-ei, indef. pr. whosoever, 276.
iubi, sn. theft, 187. OHG. diuba.
iubj, av. secretly, 89, 115, 344.
iuda, sf. people; pl. heathens, Gentiles, 9, 192. OE. od, OHG. diot, diota.
iudan-gardi, sf. kingdom, palace, 34, 194.
iudann, wv. II, to reign
iudans, sm. king, 180. OE. oden.
iudinassus, sm. kingdom, 33, 203, 381.
iudisk, av. after the manner of the Gentiles, 396. OE. odisc.


iufs (iubs), sm. thief. OE. of, OHG. diob.
iu-magus, sm. servant.
*ius, sm. servant, 89, 188. OE. ow, OHG. deo.
iu, aj. good, 171. Cp. OE. ge-ede, virtuous.
iueigs, aj. good, blessed, 394.
iui-qiss, sf. blessing, 389.
iujan, wv. I, to do good, bless, praise.
iu-spilln, wv. II, to tell or bring glad tidings.
iwi (gen. iujs), sf. maid-servant, handmaid, 89, 149, 150, 195. OE. owu, owe, OHG. diu, gen. diuwi.
*lihan, sv. VII, see ga-lihan.
laqus, aj. soft, tender, 236.
lahs, sm. flight, 197.
liuhan, sv. II, to flee, 302. OE. flon, OHG. fliohan.
rafstjan, wv. I, to console, comfort; rafstjan sik, to take courage, be of good cheer.
ragjan, wv. I, to run, 318.
ramstei, wf. locust, 212.
reihan, sv. I, to press upon, throng, crowd, 300.
*reis (neut. rija), num. three, 28, 87 note, 128, 152, 247, 251, 256, 258. OE. r, OHG. dr.
*reis tigjus, num. thirty, 247.
ridja, num. third, 253. OE. ridda, OHG. dritto.
ridj, av. for the third time, 344.
riskan, sv. III, to thresh, 304. OE. erscan, OHG. dreskan.
*riutan, sv. II, see us-riutan.
rts-fill, sn. leprosy. OE. rst-fell.
rts-fills, aj. diseased with leprosy, leprous.


u, pers. pr. thou, 128, 260, 261, 262. OE. u&shortorlong;, OHG. du&shortorlong;.
ugkjan, wv. I, to seem, 62, 82, 138, 321 OE. yncan, [OHG] dunken.
hta, pret. it seemed, 321. OE. hte, OHG. dhta.
ulins, sf. sufferance, suffering, patience, 200.
ulan, wv. III, to tolerate, suffer, put up with, endure, 200. OE. olian, OHG. doln.
sundi, sf. thousand, 8, 26, 82, 102, 194, 247, 427. OE. send, OHG. dsent.
sundi-fas, sm. leader of a thousand men, captain, high captain (χιλιαρχο&finalsigma;), 389.
-wa, suffix, 387.
wahan, sv. VI, to wash, 149, 310. OE. wan, OHG. dwahan.
warhs, aj. angry. OE. weorh, OHG. dwerah, crooked.
-u, interrog. particle (attached enclitically to the first word of its clause), 297, 349.
ubilaba, av. badly, evilly, 344.
ubils, aj. evil, bad, 8, 227, 245, 390; as noun, ata ubil or ubil, the evil; ubil haban, to be ill; ubil qian, to speak evil of, curse. c. dat. OE. yfel, OHG. ubil.
ubiltjis, aj. evil-doing, as noun, evil-doer. 229.
ubil-wardjan, wv. I, to speak evil of.
ubil-wards, aj. evil-speaking, railing, 398.
-ubni, suffix, 386.
ubuh = uf + enclitic particle uh.
uf, prep. c. dat. and acc. under, beneath, in the time of, 350.


uf-ieis, aj. under an oath, 374.
ufar, prep. c. acc. and dat. over, above, beyond, 16, 106, 160, 350. OE. ofer, OHG. ubar.
ufarassus, sm. abundance, superfluity, 381; dat. ufarassu, used as av. in abundance, greatly, enough and to spare.
ufar-fullei, wf. overfullness, abundance, 375.
ufar-fulls, aj. overfull, abundant, 375.
ufar-gaggan, sv. VII, to go too far, transgress, 420.
ufar-gudja, wm. chief-priest, 375.
ufar-hafnan, wv. IV, to be exalted, 331.
ufar-mleins, sf. superscription.
ufar-mli, sn. superscription, 187, 375.
ufar-mljan, wv. I, to write over, 420.
ufar-munnn, wv. II, to forget, 325, 420, 428.
ufar, av. above; 119, 344. prep. c. dat. and acc. above, upon, over,
ufar-skadwjan, wv. I, to overshadow, 149, 420.
ufar-steigan, sv. I, to spring up, mount up, 420.
uf-buljan, wv. I, to puff up.
uf-blsan, sv. VII, to blow up, puff up, 313 note, 417. OHG. blsan.
uf-blteins, sf. entreaty, 374.
uf-brikan, sv. IV, to reject, despise, 417.
uf-brinnan, sv. III, to burn up, scorch.
uf-dupjan, wv. I, to baptize, 417.
uf-gardan, sv. III, to gird up, 304.
uf-graban, sv. VI, to dig up.


uf-haban, wv. III, to hold up, bear up.
uf-huseins, sf. regard, obedience, 374.
uf-husjan (c. dat.), wv. I, to submit, obey, listen to, 417.
uf-hrpjan, wv. I, to cry out.
uf-kunnan, wv. III, (but pret. ufkuna), to recognize, know, acknowledge, 417.
uf-kuni, sn. knowledge, 34, 374.
uf-ligan, sv. V, to lie under, faint, 417.
-ufni, suffix, 386.
uf-rakjan, wv. I, to stretch forth, stretch up, lift up.
uf-sneian, sv. I, to slay.
uf-swgjan, wv. I, to sigh deeply.
ufta, av. often, 8.
uf-anjan sik, wv. I, to stretch oneself. OE. ennan, OHG. dennen.
uf-wpjan, wv. I, to cry out, 165 note.
*ugkar, poss. pr. of us two, 263.
-uh, -h, enclitic cj. (like Lat. que, and), but, and, now, therefore. In composition with pronouns it often adds intensity to the signification. The h is often assimilated to the initial consonant of a following word, 73 note, 164 note, 266, 351. See note to Matth. vi. 7.
hteig, av. seasonably, opportunely, 344.
htiugs, aj. at leisure, 9.
htw, wf. early morn, 8, 62, 82, 211. OE. ht(a).
ulbandus, sm. camel. OE. olfend, OHG. olbanta.
un-agands, aj. fearless, 338.
un-agei, wf. fearlessness, 376.
un-arkns, aj. unholy. OHG. erkan, cp. OE. eorc(n)an-stn, precious stone.


un-iwisks, aj. blameless.
un-bairands, pres. part. not bearing, sterile, 376.
un-barnahs, aj. childless, 393.
und, prep. c. acc. unto, until, up to; c. dat. for, 350; und atei, while; und a, how long.
undar, prep. c. acc. under, 350. OE. under, OHG. untar.
undar, prep. c. dat. under, 89, 344, 350.
undarni-mats, sm. breakfast, dinner. OE. undern-mete.
und-greipan, sv. I, to seize, lay hold of, 421.
und-rdan, sv. VII, to provide, furnish, grant, 421.
und-rinnan, sv. III, to run to one, fall to one, fall to one's share, 421.
un-fagrs, aj. unfit, unsuitable, 376, 391.
un-frdei, wf. without understanding, foolishness, folly, 376.
un-ga-habands sik, pres. part. incontinent.
un-ga-arbs, aj. unruly, disobedient.
un-ga-lubeins, sf. unbelief.
un-ga-lubjands, pres. part. unbelieving.
un-hili, sn. want of health, sickness, disease, 376.
un-handu-warhts, aj. not made by hands.
un-hrins, aj. unclean.
un-hula, wm. devil, evil or unclean spirit, 376. OE. un-holda, OHG. un-holdo.
un-hul, wf. devil, evil or unclean spirit.
un-hunslags, aj. without offering, truce-breaking, implacable, 392.
un-apnands, pres. part. unquenchable.


un-karja, w. aj. careless, neglectful.
un-kuns, aj. unknown, 428.
un-ls, aj. poor. OE. un-l;d.
un-liuts, aj. unfeigned.
un-mahteigs, aj. weak, impossible.
un-mahts, sf. infirmity, weakness, 34, 376.
un-mana-riggws, aj. inhuman, fierce.
un-milds, aj. not mild, without natural affection, unloving. OE. un-milde, OHG. un-milti.
un-riurei, wf. immortality, incorruption.
un-rdjands, pres. part. not speaking, speechless dumb.
un-saltans, pp. unsalted.
unsar, poss. pr. our, 173, 263, 264. OE. ser, OHG. unsr.
un-slei, wf. wickedness, craftiness, injustice, unrighteousness.
un-sls, aj. evil, wicked, unholy.
un-sibjis, aj. lawless, impious; sb. transgressor, 229.
un-sweibands, pres. part. unceasing.
un-swrei, wf. dishonour, shame, disgrace.
un-swrs, aj. without honour.
un-tals, aj. unlearned, indocile.
unt, cj. for, because, since, until, 351.
un-tila-malsks, aj. rash, unbecomingly proud.
una-liuhan, sv. II, to escape, 421.
un-iu, sn. evil.
un-wahans, pp. unwashed.
un-hteig av. at an unfit time, inopportunely.
un-whs, aj. blameless, 74, 376. OE. wh, bent, wrong, bad.


un-weis, aj. unlearned, 122, 138, 227. OE. OHG. un-ws.
un-wrjan, wv. I, to be unable to endure, be displeased.
un-witi, sn. ignorance, folly, foolishness, 354. Cp. OE. witt, OHG. wizzi, understanding.
un-wits, aj. without understanding, foolish.
ur-risjan, wv. I, to raise, rouse up, wake, 137 note, 175 note, 422. OE. r;ran.
ur-reisan, sv. I, to arise, 73 note, 137 note, 175 note 3, 300, 322, 422. OE. OHG. rsan.
ur-rinnan, sv. III, to proceed, go out from, go forth, rise, spring up, 175 note 3, 422.
ur-rists, sf. resurrection, 199, 354, 377. OE. ;-rist, OHG. ur-rist.
ur-runs, sf. a running out, departure, decease, 73 note, 354.
ur-runs, sm. a running out, a rising, draught; hence East.
us, prep. c. dat. out, out of, from, 175 note 2, 350. OE. or-, OHG. ur-, ir-, ar-.
us-agjan, wv. I, to frighten utterly.
us-alan, sv. VII, to grow old, 313 note 1.
us-anan, sv. VI, to expire, 310, 422.
us-baran, sv. IV, to carry out, bear, endure, suffer, answer (Mark xi. 14).
us-bugjan, wv. I, to sweep out.
us-beidan, sv. I, to await, look for, 422.
us-beisnei, wf. long-suffering.
us-beisneigs, aj. long-abiding, long-suffering, 394.
us-beisns, sf. long-suffering.


us-bliggwan, sv. III, to beat severely, scourge.
us-bugjan, wv. I, to buy out, buy.
us-dudjan, wv. I, to strive, be diligent, endeavour.
us-dud, av. zealously.
us-dreiban, sv. I, to drive out, send away, 5, 422, 428.
us-drusts, sf. a falling away, a rough way.
us-filh, sn. burial, 34, 377.
us-filmei, wf. amazement.
us-films, aj. amazed, astonished.
us-fdeins, sf. food, nourishment, 377.
us-fratwjan, wv. I, to make wise. OE. frtw(i)an, fraetew(i)an, to adorn.
us-fulleins, sf. fulfilling, fullness, 377.
us-fulljan, wv. I, to fulfil, complete, 34.
us-fullnan, wv. IV, to be fulfilled, become full, come to pass.
us-gaggan, sv. VII, to go out, forth, away, 436.
us-gisjan, wv. I, to deprive of intellect, strike aghast; pass. to be beside oneself.
us-geisnan, wv. IV, to be aghast, be amazed, be astonished, 331.
us-giban, sv. V, to give out, reward, repay, restore, show, 422.
us-gildan, sv. III, to repay, reward, 304. OE. gieldan, OHG. geltan.
us-graban, sv. VI, to dig out, pluck out, break through.
us-gutnan, wv. IV, to be poured out, be spilt, flow away, 331.
us-hafjan, sv. VI, to take up, lift up; ushafjan sik jinr, to depart thence.


us-huhjan, wv. I, to exalt.
us-huhnan, wv. IV, to be exalted, 331.
us-hlupan, sv. VII, to leap up, rise quickly.
us-hramjan, wv. I, to crucify.
us-hrisjan, wv. I, to shake out, shake off. OE. hrisian.
us-keinan, sv. I, to spring up, grow up, put forth, produce, see keinan.
us-kiusan, sv. II, to choose out, prove, test; with instr. dat. to cast out, reject, 422, 428.
us-kuns, aj. well-known, evident, manifest, 377, 391.
us-lagjan, wv. I, to lay out, stretch out, lay, lay upon.
us-lubjan, wv. I, to permit, allow, suffer, 422.
us-leian, sv. I, to go away, pass by, come out.
us-lia, wm. one sick of the palsy, paralytic person.
us-lkan, sv. II, to open, unsheath (a sword),
us-luknan, wv. IV, to become unlocked, be opened, open, 331.
us-mitan, sv. VII, to cut down.
us-mrnan, wv. IV, to be proclaimed, 331.
us-mt, sn. behaviour, manner of life, 122. Cp. MHG. m%, measure.
us-mitan, sv. V, figuratively, to behave; uswiss usmitan, to be in error, to err.
us-niman, sv. IV, to take out or away, take down.
us-qiman, sv. IV, c. dat. or acc. to kill, destroy, 428.
us-qiss, sf. accusation, charge, 377.
us-qistjan, wv. I, c. dat. and acc. to kill, 428.


us-qian, sv. V, to proclaim, blaze abroad, 422.
us-saan, sv. V, to look up, look on, receive sight.
us-sandjan, wv. I, to send out, send forth, send away.
us-satjan, wv. I, to set on, place upon, set, plant.
us-siggwan, sv. III, to read.
us-skus, aj. vigilant, 232.
us-skawjan (for *us-skujan), wv. I, with refl. acc. sik, to awake; passive, to recover oneself.
us-standan, sv. VI, to stand up, rise up, rise again, come out or from, 138, 175 note 3.
us-stass, sf. resurrection, rising, 138, 198 note, 377.
us-steigan (usteigan), sv. I, to go up, mount.
us-stiurei, wf. excess, riot, 85.
us-stiuriba, av. licentiously, riotously.
us-tiknjan, wv. I, to show, prove.
us-tiuhan, sv. II, to lead out, lead or take up, drive forth, finish, perform, perfect, 422.
us-riutan, sv. II, to threaten, trouble, use despitefully, 302. OE. -rotan, to be weary.
us-ulan, wv. III, to endure.
us-wahsts, sf. growth, increase, 354. OHG. wahst.
us-warpan, sv. III, to drive out, cast forth, overthrow, reject, 428.
us-wakjan, wv. I, to wake up, awake from sleep. OE. weccan, OHG. wecken.
us-walteins, sf. overthrow, a subverting.
us-waltjan, wv. I, to overthrow, overturn.
us-warhts, aj. right, just, righteous.


us-weihs, aj. unholy, profane.
us-windan, sv. III, to plait.
us-wiss, aj. dissolute, vain.
t, av. out, forth, 8; ta, out, without, 8, 348; tar, tana, c. gen. from without, 114, 348, 427.
uz-ta, wm. manger.
uz-n, see us-anan.
uz-uh, prep. whether from, 175 note 2.
*waddjus, sf. wall, 156, 204.
wadi, sn. pledge, earnest, 187. OE. wedd, OHG. wetti.
waggari, sn. pillow. OE. wangere, OHG. wangari.
wagjan, wv. I, to move, shake. OE. wecgan, OHG. weggen.
*whs, aj., see un-whs.
wahsjan, sv. VI, to grow, increase, 149, 310. OE. weaxan, OHG. wahsan.
*wahst, sf. see us-wahsts.
wahstus, sm. growth, size, stature.
wahtw, wf. watch, 211. OHG. wahta.
wi, interj. woe! OE. w, w;, OHG. w.
waian, sv. VII, to blow, 10, 76, 98, 122, 314 and note. OE. wwan, OHG. wen.
*wibjan, wv. I, see bi-wibjan.
wi-ddja, wm. woe-doer, malefactor, thief.
wi-farjan, wv. I, to lament loudly, wail greatly. OHG. w-verhen, w-veren.
wahsta, wm. corner.
wahts, f. thing, affair; mostly used along with the neg. particle ni, as acc. ni waht, waht ni, naught, nothing; ni wahti, ni in wahti, in nothing, not at all, 221 and note. OE. OHG. wiht.


wala, av. well, rightly, excellently, 10, 66 note. OE. wel, OHG. wela, wola.
wala-ds, sf. benefit, 389. OE. wel-d;d; OHG. wola-tt.
wala-mrjan, wv. I, to preach, bring good tidings.
wips, sm. wreath, crown. O.Icel. veipr.
war, sm. man, 175, 179 note 2. OE. OHG. wer.
waril, wf. lip. OE. pl. weleras from *werelas by metathesis.
warpan, sv. III, to throw, cast, 10, 134 note, 304, 428. OE. weorpan, OHG. werfan.
wars, av. worse, 88, 149, 175, 345. OE. wiers, OHG. wirs.
warsiza, aj. worse, 175, 245. OE. wiersa, OHG. wirsiro.
waran, sv. III, to become, be, happen, come to pass, 67, 71, 73, 124, 128, 137 and note, 171, 284, 303, 322, 428, 433, 435, 436. OE. weoran, OHG. werdan.
warida, sf. worthiness, dignity, 384. OHG. wirdida.
wars, aj. worthy, 227, 427. OE. weor, OHG. werd.
wit, pret.-pres. I know, 333. OE. wt, OHG. wei%.
waja-mreins, sf. blasphemy.
waja-mrjan, wv. I, to blaspheme, slander.
wakan, sv. VI, to wake, watch, 310. OE. wacan, to awake.
*wakjan, wv. I, see us-wakjan.
*waknan, wv. IV, see ga-waknan.
waldan, sv. VII, to rule, govern, 313 note 1. OE. wealdan, OHG. waltan.
waldufni, sn. power, might, dominion, authority, 33, 158 note, 187, 386.


walis, aj. chosen, true, dear, beloved.
waljan, wv. I, to choose, 318. OHG. wellen.
waltjan, wv. I, to roll, beat upon, dash against. OHG. welzen.
walwisn, wv. II, to wallow.
*walwjan, wv. I, see af-, at-walwjan. 161, 192.
wamba, sf. belly, womb, 161, 192. OE. wamb, OHG. wamba.
wan, sn. want, lack; wan wisan, with dat. of person and gen. of thing, to lack.
wandjan, wv. I, to turn, turn round, 320, 400. OE. wendan, OHG. wenten.
waninassus, sm. want, 381.
wans, lacking, wanting, 427. OHG. wan.
*war (nom. pl. masc. wari), aj. wary, cautious, sober. OE. wr, OHG. gi-war.
wardja, wm. guard, 208, 223. Cp. OE. weard, OHG. wart.
*wardjan, wv. I, see fra-wardjan.
*wards, sm., see dara-wards.
*wargjan, wv. I, see ga-wargjan.
*wargs, sm., see luna-wargs.
warjan, wv. I, to forbid, 318. OE. werian, OHG. werren.
warmjan, wv. I, to warm, cherish, 133 note. OE. wierman, OHG. wermen.
wasjan, wv. I, to clothe, 175 note, 318. OE. werian, OHG. werien.
wasti, sf. clothing, raiment, dress, 194.
wat, wn. water, 170, 214 note.
ward, sn. word, 4, 11, 71, 89, 94, 114, 173, 181, 182, 353. OE. word, OHG. wort.


wardahs, aj. verbal, 393.
warda-jiuka, sf. a strife about words, 389.
*wardjan, wv. I, see and-, filu-, ubil-wardjan.
*warhts, sf., see fra-warhts.
warkjan, wv. I, to work, make, perform, 71, 73, 94, 138, 426. OE. wyrcan, OHG. wurchen.
warms, sm. serpent, 73, 94. OE. wyrm, OE. wurm, OHG. worm.
warstw, sn. work, deed, 29, 149, 189 note 2.
warstweigs, aj. effective, effectual, 394.
warstwja, wm. worker, labourer, husbandman.
warts, sf. root, 199. OE. wyrt, OHG. wurz.
wgs, sm. wave, tempest, storm. OE. w;g, OHG. wg.
weiha, wm. priest, 208, 223.
weihan, wv. III, to sanctify, make holy. OHG. when.
weihan, sv. I, to fight, strive, 128, 300.
weihia, sf. holiness, 384. OHG. whida.
weihnan, wv. IV, to become holy, be hallowed, 331, 400.
weihs (gen. weihsis), sn. town, village. OE. wc, OHG. wch, Lat. vcus.
weihs, aj. holy, 223, 227. OHG. wh.
wein, sn. wine. OE. OHG. wn, Lat. vnum.
weina-gards, sm. vineyard, 389.
weina-tins, sm. vine-branch.
weina-triu, sn. vine, vine-tree, 389. OE. wn-trow.


wein-drugkja, wm. wine-bibber, 389.
weipan, sv. I, to crown, 300.
*weis, aj. see hindar-, un-weis. OE. OHG. ws, wise, learned.
weis, pers. pr. we, 260.
weisn, wv. II, see ga-weisn.
*weit, sn. see fra-, id-weit.
*weitan, sv. I, see fra-weitan.
*weitjan, wv. I, see far-weitjan.
weitwdei, wf. witness, testimony.
weitwdi, sm. testimony.
weitwdia, sf. testimony, witness.
weitwdjan, wv. I, to bear witness, testify; galiug weit-wdjan, to bear false witness.
weitwds, *weitws, m. witness, 219.
wnjan, wv. I, to hope, expect, await, 320, 400. OE. wnan, OHG. wnen.
wns, sf. hope, 29, 199. OE. wn, OHG. wn.
*wrjan, wv. I, see tuz-wrjan.
*wrs, aj. see tuz-wrjan.
*widan, sv. I, see ga-widan.
widuwarna, wm. orphan; aj. comfortless.
widuw, wf. widow, 38, 68. OE. widwe, wuduwe, OHG. wituwa.
*wigan, sv. V, see ga-wigan.
wigans, sm. ? war see note to Luke xiv. 31).
wigs, sm. way, journey, 66, 149, 169, 180. OE. OHG. weg.
wik, wf. week. O.Icel. vika, OE. wice, wuce, OHG. wehha.
wilja, wm. will, 208. OE. willa, OHG. willo.


wilja-halei, wf. respect of persons, 389.
wiljan, v. to be willing, will, wish, 44, 89, 175 note 2, 343. OE. willan.
*wiljis, aj., see ga-, silba-wiljis.
wileis, aj. wild, 153 note, 230. OE. wilde, OHG. wildi.
wilwan, sv. III, to rob, plunder, take by force, 304.
*windan, sv. III, to wind, 304. OE. windan, OHG. wintan, see bi-windan.
winds, sm. wind, 60, 180. OE. wind, OHG. wint.
winnan, sv. III, to suffer, sorrow, 304. OE. OHG. winnan, to struggle.
wintrus, sm. winter, 204. OE. winter, OHG. wintar.
wini-skur, wf. winnowing fan.
wipja, sf. crown.
wis, sn. calm (of the sea).
wisan, sv. V, to be, remain, 26, 60, 128, 174, 284, 308, 342, 428, 433; wala wisan, be merry. OE. OHG. wesan.
*wiss (in un-wiss), aj. known. Cp. OE. ge-wiss, OHG. gi-wis, certain.
wists, sf. being, existence, 354.
wit, pers. pr. we two, 260. OE. wit.
*witan, pret.-pres. to know, 27, 29, 38, 49, 68, 88, 103, 122, 129, 138, 170, 311, 333. OE. witan, OHG. wi%%an.
witan, wv. III, to watch, keep watch, observe, 328. OHG. gi-wi%%n.
*witi, sn., see un-witi.
witda-lus, aj. lawless, 397.
witdeig, av. lawfully.
wit, sn. law, 111, 182.
witubni, sn. knowledge, 158 note, 386.


win, wv. II, to shake, wag.
wira, prep. c. acc. against, over against, by, near, to, in reply to, in return for, on account of, for, 350. OHG. widar.
wira-gaggan, sv. VII, to go to meet, 423.
wira-ga-mtjan, wv. I, to go to meet, 423.
wira-wars, aj. opposite, over, against, 378, 428.
wirus, sm. lamb, 203. OE. weer, OHG. wider, widar.
wlitn, wv. II, to look round about. OE. wltian.
wlits, sm. face, countenance, 149.
wpjan, wv. I, to call, cry out, cry aloud, crow. OE. wpan, OHG. wuoffan.
weis, aj. sweet, 231. OE. wee.
ws (wds), aj. mad, possessed, 122. OE. wd.
wriqs, aj. crooked.
wraka, sf. persecution, 149. OE. wracu.
wrakja, sf. persecution, 192.
wraks, sm. persecutor, 354.
wratdus, sm. journey, 385.
wratn, wv. II, to go, travel.
wrikan, sv. V, to persecute, 29, 149, 308. OE. wrecan, OHG. rechan.
wrhjan, wv. I, to accuse. OE. wrgan, OHG. ruogen.
wrhs, sf. accusation, 199. Cp. OE. wrht.
wrugg, wf. snare.
wulfs, sm. wolf, 16, 56, 87 and note, 88, 89 note, 134 note, 149, 158, 160, 180, 353. OE. wulf, OHG. wolf.
wulla, sf. wool, 139, 158. OE. wull, OHG. wolla.
wullareis, sm. one who whitens wool, a fuller.


wulags, aj. gorgeous, glorious, 392.
wulrs, aj. of worth, of consequence; mis wulriza wisan, to be of more worth, be better. Cp. OE. wuldor, glory, praise.
wulus, sm. glory, 203.


wunds, aj. wounded; hubi wundan briggan, to wound in the head. OE. wund, OHG. wunt.
wundufni, sf. wound, plague, 158 note, 194, 386.
wunns, sf. suffering, affliction.

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